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Raid on Happy Valley

Thurs 20th August

                           After last night's game of getting my feet wet in the bogs of Ireland,tonight's game was a rollicking romp through the woods of 18th century North America courtesy of Angus Konstam.A Muskets and Tomahawks game was on the agenda with a French attack on a British colonial village defended by militia with support from British regulars and loyal natives.
                           My copain was Campbell Hardie and our mission was to burn the 4 village buildings with a couple of side missions thrown in.Campbell's side mission was to kidnap one of the local women-not as easy as it sounded especially with the outcome.
                            We started the game by skulking round the woods(as the French usually do)beside the village hoping to attack on a wide front with our indian allies attacking on the flanks and our regulars and  irregulars heading for the centre of the village.
                                Two buildings on the outskirts were soon ablaze and we headed towards the other two buildings.On the way Campbell's officer as part of his side plot decided to go hand to hand with a woman who was carrying a baby and true to form the French officer was killed but due to the vagaries of the rules the officer was replaced on the casualty list by another member of the squad(obviously somebody jumped in the way of the woman swinging the baby as a club).
                                  This obviously spurred the local militia to head for the sanctuary of the local church and barricade the doors.
                                    My forces meanwhile slowly advanced only for my indians to be met with accurate fire coming from the woods losing a whole section in the process but the remainder of the indians pressed home and inflicted casualties on the attackers. 

                                     My irregulars slowly made their way through the woods looking for another building to burn.They emerged from the woods just in time to see their regular comrades getting wasted by some British regulars who had appeared as reinforcements.
                                  These regulars proceeded to whittle away my regulars who were doing their damndest to set alight to the third building before disappearing back into the woods as French do.
                                     Campbell at this time had moved his forces slowly up the road into the town attracting musket fire as he went.
Meanwhile his indian allies had made their way round the British flank doing a lot of damage to a group of British rangers but drawing fire themselves from some Highland reinforcements that had just turned up.He finally accomplished his side plot by kidnapping a local female(probably about ninety and having wooden arms and legs).
                                      My own forces reinforced by a group of my irregulars finally set the third building ablaze.One of them probably nipped down to the local 7/11 and bought a new lighter.They then proceeded to withdraw into the woods being closely followed by accurate musket fire from the British regulars losing all my regulars in the process.
                                        Our forces although heavily depleted finally reached the outskirts of the woods and disappeared into the trees.
                                         Once again a very good game played on a small table so that the belligerents would be straight into action.I like Musket and Tomahawk rules as it gives me the feeling of colonial American warfare without the need for large armies.

                                           Belligerents(my word of the day)-

                                           French and indian allies-Campbell Hardie
                                                                              Tim Watson

                                           British,civilians,indian allies and screaming children-
                                              Angus Konstam
                                              Michael Schneider

                                          Figures and scenery-Angus and some club scenery

                                          Pictures courtesy of Angus,Michael and a few thrown in by myself.

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