Sunday, 9 August 2015

Island in the stream.

Sun 9th August

                     Last Wednesday we ventured back into early WW2 which involved an attack on the island of Inchcolm in the river Forth just off Edinburgh.
 What made it even more different was that the island was defended by Polish units.
Much poetic license was used in this game as there was no way you could land paratroopers on Inchcolm especially early war German paras and I don't think German seaborne units would get that far up the river.
                        Bart and myself took control of the defenders whilst the Germans were manhandled by Donald Adamson,mr Ray Neal and his younger son Isaac.Mr Ray was in charge but I think it was battle by committee.We used Bolt Action rules with the added bonus of night fighting rules added.
                       The Germans paras landed without any problems(Aye right)and immediately attacked a bunkhouse and done away with the sleeping Poles inside-very unsporting.
                         Landed infantry units(again without any problems)charged up the beach and headed for their objectives-gun emplacements and the radio shack.
                          I lost a squad of Poles due to some bad planning and not helped by the night rules meaning my mortar was useless.
                             Daylight duly arrived and the Poles were still hanging on waiting for reinforcements.A Hurricane arrived and wiped out the German observer team which meant no support for the Germans but they weren't needed.
                                           The Germans started to take their objectives and consolidated their positions anticipating a counter attack by allied reinforcements which arrived by air and sea.British paratroopers were dropped haphazardly with two units being dropped into the sea and the others landing straight into a firefight.Marines were landed on the north shore and started to make headway and caused some German casualties.
                                          All German objectives were taken and they started to head to their evacuation points before time was called.
                                        A good game once again even although I think poetic license was used but a good use of the figs and models available.Next week Inchcolm is being violated by Normans.Should be interesting.

                      Polish garrison-Bart Zynda
                                            Tim Watson

                      Allied reinforcements-Bill Gilchrist.

                     German paratroopers-Donald Adamson-who had to leave early to pick the dog up and walk the wife-or maybe it was the other way round?Hugh Wilson took over as his 2nd in command.
                     German infantry-Mr Ray Neal & Isaac Neal-a father and son double act.

                      Figures and scenario-Colin Jack

                      Scenery-Hugh Wilson
                      Photos-Bart Zynda

                       And of course a mention for Lady Suzanne who once again surpassed herself with her haute cuisine.

                      See you when I see you.



  1. Came to this via VBCW forum. It was well worth it thanks for posting.

  2. A nice variation on the theme of WW2 raiding. Well done!