Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Claymore 2015(and not a sword in sight)

Sorry for delay between blogs as I have been in a game void due to work and family commitments.
                Last Saturday I attended our local games club's annual show at Telford college,Edinburgh where  was given the enviable task of judging the games,both demonstration and public participation.All games were good but some more than others appealed to my way of thinking.
                I like easy to play,novel games which have that something different and there were a few of them.Jurassic World and Skull Island to name a few.
                The setting of Telford College was good except for a few hiccups brought on us by the college. Namely blocking off the corridor between both of the exhibition halls which meant an outside walk between them and remember that Scotland's weather is four seasons in one hour.Luckily the heavens only opened for about five minutes in the afternoon.The main problem was that the bring and buy had to be moved to a small location in one of the halls which caused chaos and also saw some sale things go missing.
                         In all we had about 800 turning up which we were thrilled about.
                            The winners for the demonstration game of  the day were the RAF Leuchars club for their Gallipoli game which had extra added interest by naming all their individual soldiers with the names of some of ours and other clubs members.I left my character charging up to the front of the attack when the game finished(Aye right-Scottish double positive).These are the games that I find very interesting especially with the Leuchar's lads taking the time to find the individual member's names.Seemingly the next battle they are covering is The Somme.Don't think I'll be coming back from that one.

     The winner of the best participation game was a Very British Civil War game put on by Sally4th which was my personal favourite.The scenery and figures were excellent and this was complimented by the enthusiasm of the folks putting  the game on.
                    The Jurassic World and Skull Island games were great for introducing younger members of the crowd to gaming which I'm all for.
                      Every displayer made a great effort to sell their games and were also very complimentary about their rivals.
                         After the judging I spent time being a doorman between the two halls at one tjme kept company by a beautiful boxer(and I don't mean the pugilistic kind).Some people thought I had got her at the bring and buy.I should be so lucky.
                           All in all it was a good day.I bought plenty of toys and also after the place was tidied up some of us headed to a nice restaurant in Leith for an excellent apres-ski.
                              Speak to you soon as this week's game involves Germans attacking the island of Inchcolm in the river Forth.Sounds good.
                              See you when I see you.

                              Pictures by Bill Gilchrist.Once I figure out how to get my photos from my iphone I shall publish them(ie when my daughter shows me-they're good for some things)


  1. I never noticed the figures named as club members.
    There was an O'Brien killed at Gallipolli, my uncle was in the 5th Royal Scots (Edinburgh Battalion) and was killed out there.

    1. It couldn't have been your figure as it was cowering behind our glorious leader (Colin)who was himself keeping as far back from the action as possible.

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