Monday, 7 September 2015

Castes & Anvils

Sun 6th Sept

                    Just back from a wee jaunt to southwest Scotland with Lady Watson, staying in a village called Carsethorn.Nice village on the Solway Firth with an excellent pub,Steamboat Inn,serving up some nice foaming ale.

                     On the way there yesterday we stopped of in the town of Moffat to visit a toy museum which is situated in the Lothlorien Emporium in Well Street.
  This museum is a must see especially if you are a sci fi freak.They have the usual Star Wars and Star Trek stuff but they also have stuff from Dan Dare,Buck Rogers,Dune and much more stuff  that I never thought existed.This place is a must see if you are travelling both north and south.


After enjoying a night in the village we headed for Caerlaverock castle for a little peruse and I wasn't
disappointed.Beautiful castle situated in its still wet moat with plentiful history and also an exhibition about the siege of 1300.
                               I had hoped to top of my trip with a visit to the Solway Moss battlefield but it was harder to find than the Dunbar battlesite.I had to settle for a trip to Gretna Green instead to see the anvil instead.Sorry too say we didn't renew our vows.all Gerry got was a mug-me!
                    See you when I see you.

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