Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Last Stand at Bacon Roll Hill.

                      Saturday 8th September.

Our new temporary venue.

Donald advising Chris how to cook the books in skulking.

                                                          We all headed out to the Gifford Village Hall as our original venue had decided that a paper game display of the Battle of Prestonpans was more important than our Korean War game and the large amount of money we would have spent in the Gothenburg pub,our usual howf in Prestonpans.
Mr Ray asking if he can sing the national anthem.
The red hordes on the move.
My gallant Korean defenders with their biggest gun.
   Any way that's the pettiness out of the way apart from some later on rule queries and dodgy dice rolls.We all turned up at the Gifford Hall and proceeded to set up our game, divvy up the sides and indulge in bacon rolls and coffee before starting our Korean War game.
The barrage of doom.
Dave P conducting business whilst his men march on,
Mr Ray's only big gun.
Here come the British.

 Dave Paterson,Dave O'Brien.Chris Henry and chief skulker Donald Adamson took on the role of the Chinese and North Korean hordes indulging in an overwhelming invasion of the peace loving South Korea..
Our unused Wyverns.
A s**t load of paraphernalia.
Mr Ray on the end of Chris's Katyusha barrage.
Chris's second surprise.

              Bill Gilchrist.Mr Ray Neil,Rob Anderson and myself took the side of the gallant defenders of kimchi and apple pie.Mr Ray took charge of the American defenders who had been scraped up from clerks and chefs and showed it in their defending.I took charge of the South Koreans who were about as competent as their allies across the valley.
About to unload on my poor defenders.
Here comes our reply,
The intended target
  The game started with the hordes moving en masse down the table with Dave O'Brien in the vanguard in his usual style T34 tanks to the fore.All the initial defenders were poorly armed and spent the initial turns literally swatting at flies.Chris Henry added fuel to the fire by hitting Mr Ray's lads with a salvo from a Katyusha rocket launcher which proceeded to decimate the defenders.The game gave the impression of being over in the first half hour.
And Rob's final target.
Chinese intruders.
Backed up by Chinese cavalry.
This is how the Brits deal with them.
My lads held of for a bit longer but were embarrassed by the arrival of a North Korean biplane which proceeded to attack my lads and cause damage amongst my men and make them hunker down allowing Dave O'Brien to close the gap and proceed to take apart my defenders with the only consolation being the loss of a few of Dave's men and  one of his T34s needing a paint job.
General Ying Tong Ying Tong confers with his lackeys.
Before he rumbles on.
Mr Ray's tank bites the dust.

Bill's Cromwell's ironsides didn't help it.

                                             Bill was proceeding to bring up some reinforcements but was waylaid by the arrival of some Chinese forces in his flank which also included some cavalry.We answered the bad guys with an air attack of our own but this turned out to be useless which was actually a harbinger of the air attacks to come where Rob Anderson couldn't throw a decent dice to save himself and he was C in C.
Colonel Ying Tong  moves forward.
And reaches the top of Bacon Roll Hill.
No wonder the red's supplies are slow.
"And when they were only half way up"

                                        Dave Paterson and Donald where slowly making their way up the table but
thankfully for us not fast enough.We thought the tables were about to be turned and the allies were about to walk away as winners but as usual the fickle finger of fate was about to play its hand as when Rob called down another airstrike it ended up being delivered due to a FUBAR dice roll on our hard pressed defenders who were digging in on the south side of the river.This caused untold damage even destroying one unit totally.
The Thin Green Line.
              We were sitting about licking our wounds and feeling sorry for ourselves when we were told it was lunch break time so it was time to head for the Tweedale Arms across the road from the hall for some liquid sustenance and some well earned lunch.
Our watering hole for the day with the village hall in the background.
                                                        Lunch was consumed ravenously and was watered down at least from my point of view with a very hoppy Summer Lightning ale to set us up for an afternoon  of gentlemanly gaming -Hah!Colin had decided that since the Commies(sorry Donald) weren't moving fast enough he allowed them to run and shoot and therefore move up the speed of the game.Dave O'B started to drool as this gave him the opportunity to clear my side of the river leaving my HQ squad to just dissolve.
My two unreligious Priests ready to bring down some Holy Fire on the heathens.

Rob's Chaffee looking good for a whole two minutes.
"Here comes that b****r again"
 The afternoon was to develop from our point of view into filling the gaps with the intention of damage limitation and saving South Korea for the American way.After Dave O'B had cleared out my heroic resistance he headed for the nearby heights of Bacon Roll Hill where his advance would turn into a bit of a quagmire as my Canadian reinforcements were prepared to sell their lives and their Shermans dearly  for the Korean cause.The scrap was turning into a who draws first game with Dave having the advantage due to more commie random dice being in the drawbag.Never the less my lads gave a good show by taking out a few of the bad guys' T34s as well as saving the M.A.S.H tent from serious damage from the marauding Chinese cavalry.Meanwhile Donald's forces had taken over Seoul(which consisted of three wooden buildings)and proceeded to dig himself in and skulk for the remainder of the game(or is that sulk?)taking occasional pot shots from the safety of cover.Dave Patterson was been cagey,that cagey that he didn't lose a unit all day.That gave him more time to wheel and deal on E-bay.Somethings never change.
Dave O'B's tank percolating well.
Ying Tong winning the draw.
But just about to say bye bye.
   Chris Henry had decided since his first air attack proved successful he would repeat it again  this time against my Canadian infantry.It took him a few attempts to attack my lads giving most of them time to evade and head for Bacon Roll Hill and support the Shermans who were involved in a nose to nose gunfight with no quarter given on either side.My two Priests arrived to lend a hand and I don't mean religious Priests.This they did helping to keep the red's heads down whilst my forces of freedom slowly advanced towards the enemy.Chris's vintage aircraft finally lobbed their bombs but done minimal damage to my Canadians.Our gallant CinC decided, that what is good for the goose,to bring down an airstrike to alleviate the pressure and just to prove he is consistent rolled another F.U.B.A.R brought the airstrike down on our own lads.Obviously it was the same pilot.
Dave O'B's assailant 
Chinese cavalry about to get mown down.
This action was to bring the curtain down on our game as full-time was nearing and the evil North Korean and Chinese forces were running out of steam.Well it saved us nuking them!
Rob's rookie pilot about to f**k up again!
     A great game played in the best manner apart from one difference of opinion which had two of us looking for someone to hold our coats and it wasn't even Donald and I.
Saving the M.A.S.H tent.
Last gasp fight at Bacon Roll Hill.

                                Many thanks to Colin for putting on a great game especially as we had to change the venue.This is one of Colin's fav periods and he supplied most of the figs,armour and scenery to back this up.The bacon rolls were supplied by the local cafe and very nice they were.Rob Anderson and Chris Henry our visitors for the day supplied some of their own crafted figures.
                                                          See You All When I See You!

Monday, 20 August 2018

Return of the Mag 5-The Other Partizan 2018

                 Sunday 19th August.
Happy now Dave?

The magnificent 4 and a half.Dave is mentally still in bed.
 The Gothenburg Gamers headed south to the sunnier climes of Newark courtesy of Iron Horse albeit red and white.We headed down on Saturday in order to be refreshed for our Sunday shenanigans and after a couple of foaming ales courtesy of my favourite firm of solicitors Messrs Wither and Spoons headed to our fav restaurant,The Koinonia.This is the best Indian restaurant I have ever been to.It specialises in fish and coconut dishes and is just scrummy.
Bill has finally found someone smaller than him.

This lad's dad was having more fun than his son I think.
                                               After a night of curry and ale we headed for our digs for the evening and awoke refreshed(well most of us)and after a hearty brekkie headed for the Newark showground and a day of gaming and buying toys that we don't really need.We even passed a Vegan campsite full of people who must have drooled over the bacon rolls and Cornish pasties we would be indulging in later.
Oh.A pirate game.

Complete with one of Angus's books.

Mad Max 1

Mad Max 2

Zombies-the in thing at the mo.

This looked interesting-hooded cultists abound.
                                     Our game was quickly set up in order to await the hordes but also to be able to peruse the toys for sale before the general public.One of our group,don't worry Dave no names will be mentioned was busy on his phone checking his Ebay bids on painted armies.Considering where we were it was a bit like coals to Newcastle.
The view down the hall.

One day I'm going to indulge in one of these games.
                                                           The crowds duly appeared and the majority were impressed with our take on the usual cowboy gunfights.It's amazing the draw Playmobil has.Children young and old came for a peruse and we found some willing participants willing to shoot each other for a bag of Milky Bar Buttons.
Back to our game-which looks like Hunt the Red Spot.

"Come up and see me,make me smile"

You are not getting in without a password.

Still missed!
                                With five of us in attendance it meant that three would take care of the game whilst the other two could check up on the opposition and there were some very good games on offer.
The good thing about this show is that the clubs and groups put a lot into of time and attention into their games not like some shows were a printed purchased mat is laid out to play some game from a film franchise.
Brilliant but an awful lot of time spent.

This was the ironclad's target.


Obviously a cannon demo zone.
                                    Between games I had a shifty around the hall and took a few photos of games that took my fancy and there where a few.In my usual style I finally found a game that really took my fancy.It was a game based on the 221b Baker Street boardgame that I had purchased a few years earlier and the scenery looked phenomenal.I was annoyed that I had just found it in  the middle of the afternoon and then severely p****d of when I found out it was right next to our table.One day I am going to open my eyes.All the best to Terry Broomhall who put on,in my opinion the best game on show.Just a wee bit better than ours.
Brrr!Too much snow for August.

The boys are back in town.

Bren carriers stopping at the local AA box.

Battle of Bosworth-VBCW style.

Very impressive.

And they even dress up.
                                       We played a few games before early closing time for us due to us heading for our early steed north so it was goodbye to the organisers and this great venue and hello to our train north.
This looked amazing.

Using scenery and figs to extend the boardgame.

Can't get enough boats.

"The games afoot Watson"

Another view of a very good game.
                                 We all had a great weekend and enjoyed the delights that Newark had to offer.We were all happy with our purchases although I seemed to have left some figures of Bodie,Doyle and Mr Cowley on the train.Not very Professional of me-boom boom!And yes Dave was successful in his Ebay purchases.
The cowboys come into town.

Last man standing.

Dave thinking that these horned beasts are horses.

El Jefe phoning home.
                                       See you all when I see you.
                                                                 I'm off to repurchase these lost figures.