Thursday, 10 January 2019

A Bundle Of Ones.

Wednesday 9th January

                                              Second outing for Carnevale this evening and I must admit it is growing on me apart from the very delicate figures that come with the game.I suppose that with a better understanding of the gameplay and the rules that was to be expected.There was only the two of us this evening so it turned out to be a slugfest between two rival gangs.Colin Jack took charge of the Elite gang against my gang of Patricians.
Venice shuffled about.

With a new bridge(Sigh)

Having a chit chat-actually they are Doctor Who Clockwork robots.

And yet another Clockwork robot.
                                                The two gangs were divvied out and my gang contained a few metal figures to complement the remainder of my gang who were all resin figures.The Venitian scenery had been changed in order to fit in some newly acquired buildings and bridges.We also intended to try out a few more rules mainly flying and jumping from scenery to scenery.
Heading into town.

The opposition.
                                                               The first turn as usual turned out to be a turn of movement in order to get the gangs into fighting range.The majority of my gang headed into the centre of town in order to confront Colin's gang whilst my noble intended to test his athletic ability by jumping in leaps and bounds or more exactly ship to shore.This didn't go quite to plan as he failed his first jump and ended up clinging on to the stern of the ship hoping nobody seen his attempt.Wrong !This gave Colin the opportunity to advance with his own noble supported by his two female companions-if you could call them that.One of the female characters was a Strige capable of flight and after her initial reluctance to fly ended up eventually bouncing from one ship's mast to another.The other one who was another Srigoi(great names)who ambled slowly towards her noble in order to support him.
Made it by the skin of his teeth.

Colin's vamparic female.

And his other scary female.
                                         Meanwhile further in towards the centre of town Colin's Varcolac which in essence was just an f'g big werewolf came bounding over the bridge and headed straight for my Barnabotti character who was a sword armed masked 2nd tier noble and who  ended up failing a fear test before fighting with the werewolf.Not a good start.My swordsman managed to keep him at bay helped a very bad run of ones on Colin's dice which was to be the norm for the evening.Even when Dave O'Brien is not around physically his dice rolls still leave their mark.Not that I was complaining.
My moon character who was a very nice flighty female jumped straight off an adjoining building straight into this scuffle and managed to turn the tide in this fight.
"Ahoo!"" Werewolves of Venice!"

"Oh s**t!"

Moon to the rescue.
                                              My other three characters who were members of the town guard found themselves one after another and eventually all together in a fight with one of Colin's characters who was classed as New Born albeit born a vampire.This vamparic character was kept well at bay by my town guard who were all as is usual in Colin Jack's world female and well endowed.
Whilst my gallant swordsman cowers behind a well.

Girls who kick ass

and take names.
                                                  After we had played two turns we headed over to the Garvald Inn for some sustenance in the form of ale and pizza.We were 50% lucky as the ale was available but as the pizza oven hadn't been turned on we settled for some freshly made fish and chips.
"Don't rock the boat baby!"

Two's company.

And four is definitely a crowd.
                                                              The next turn started off with Colin's noble and his two female companions making their way onto the boat in order to do away with my noble but due to a lot of luck and Colin's persistence in rolling ones on his dice my noble hung on even when he couldn't disengage himself.Colin's bouncing female vampire baddy came bounding across the top of the boat's masts but still couldn't help in the demise of my noble.He eventually disengaged with the help of a backward flip and a short retreat.This gave Colin the chance to follow up with his noble but with no success usually due to the abundance of ones Colin was rolling.
A backward flip and he's aff!

But not far enough.
                                                        One the other side of town my Moon character was holding her own against the werewolf and picking away at his life.After my Barnabotti character had finished cowering behind a drain he decided to get back into the fight and between himself and Moon managed to dispatch the werewolf.Obviously a lot of Silver was involved.This gave my female guards the opportunity to deal with Colin's New Born vampire and eventually after some prodding with bayonets he went the same way as the werewolf.
Crossbow of mediocrity.

Girl's on top.
                                                                      Colin went for his last chance of saving victory from the jaws of defeat by sending his noble after my noble in order to get some revenge but even when he caught up with my retiring noble his dice rolling continued to let him down and after a failure to wound my noble found his own noble subject to demise at the hands of my victorious noble who was actually about to be joined by two of his own allies.
The End

The End-Part Two.

Definitely The End
                                                                     A very good game due to the fact that we are now starting to comprehend the gameplay.The next time we intend to introduce beasts and magic.
                                                    All figures,scenery and scenario provided by Colin Jack
                                               See You When I See You!
A couple of beuatiful  bizarre figs -only in Colin's world

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Carnevale Time in Garvald

                                      Thursday 3rd January.

                                             Tonight's thrilling instalment from the Garvald Film Studios came in the first outing of the Carnevale game from TT combat and was the culmination of great patience from our chief executive Colin Jack who has been a long time  awaiting the much delayed arrival of the game,the reading of the rules and the painting of the figures.All these three factors finally came together this evening so Dave O'Brien and myself trekked out to Garvald to have our first outing of this game.We were joined later on by Garvald's latest inhabitant Andrew Easson.
Venice 1790's or 2019

Dave putting together his plan Kill,Kill,Kill!

Gondola adrift.

A N.P.C but still looks good.
                        Carnevale is a Gothic skirmish game taking place in an alternate Venice which has been the site of a temporal rift causing various demonic creatures to appear in the  late 18th century.This gives the opportunity to pit the various sects in Venice at the time to come to grips with these demons and of course each other.
My gang of night time lovers.

Putting on a show for Dave.

One about to end up in the canal.
                               The sides were divvied up with myself taking the part of some self-respecting vampires.Dave O'Brien took the side of the Guild and Andrew was left in charge of the local elite.
Granny armed with a rolling pin -only in Venice.

One of Andrew's copains.

Practise time.

This time with a sword.
                                     Four bridge sentry boxes were this evening's objectives and possession of them would result in victory points.
Dave's onslaught.

Hoping for an easy victory.

Just about to be well done with a stake through the heart.
                                        The game kicked off with Dave charging across one of the bridges with the intent of getting to grips with my undead and it was not too long before the first fisticuffs took place between one of Dave's Guild ruffians and my Reaper which was basically a berzerking nutter.First blood went to my reaper but Dave's lad was still standing.My only non vampire Thrall took a potshot at Dave's menacing watchman who was crossing a nearby bridge with her crossbow but she was basically just swatting at flies.
My noble vampire out for an evening stroll.

And getting rid of a potential mugger.

Only for his big sister to appear.

Baby!Menage A Trois!
                                       I decided to split my forces and my head vampire headed for the sentry box on the other side of the board and with the further intention of roughing up some of Andre's Venitian elite.After crossing the bridge he ran straight into one of Andrew's characters who seemed to be getting into a right flap.The fisticuffs took place and even though I made Andrew's character retreat my own vampire noble had taken a bit of a beating himself and this gave Andrew the chance to rush in with one of his female characters intent on doing away with this vampire.My noble temporarily defended himself but Andrew went for the jugular(well it was a vampire)by following up with another female this time rather scantily dressed and going by the name of Harlot.This was enough for my noble vampire to disappear into nothing.
And he's in!
                                                      To add to my woes Dave was having an easy time across the canal with first my other female vampire coming to a sticky end and then my crossbow woman being surrounded.Dave had earlier hoped to get some support for his attack by bringing up his gondola but due to the vagaries of the dice rolling his gondolier ended up in the canal.This gave my aquatic vampire the chance to exact revenge on Dave but as soon as my water borne vampire speeded up Dave's gondolier shot out of the water at a fair rate of knots.
Not looking good for my girl.
                                                        With my noble being dispatched I decided to bring my Nosferatu character up to engage with Andrew's two women but speed was not exactly his thing so dragged himself towards the bridge with something akin to Quasimodo.This helped Dave by distracting some of Andrew's figures who were attempting to cross the canal and finding it to be a tad difficult as Dave was moving some of his gang towards the same bridge.Overlooking this fracas was Andrew's spy who came in the form of a well clad female armed with a rifle who was looking for targets of opportunity but finding them hard to come by as the rest of the gang were all entwined with some of Dave's gang which eventually joined by the sunken gondolier who had just escaped the clutches of my aquatic vampire.
Die Spionen

"Follow me granny!"

On his own for the moment.

Right between the cleavage.

Getting a wee bit busier.
                                    My aquatic vampire had by this time climbed out of the canal and was now in possession of the last remaining sentry box awaiting the onrush of the other gangs and as we headed into the last turn Andrew and Dave were looking to extricate themselves from the fracas on the bridge in order to get to the last sentry box currently occupied by myself.First Dave's lad came into contact with my vampire but ended up rolling a 1 on his destiny dice making him take hits instead of wounding my character.The game came to an end with Andrew the narrow winner as two of the sentry boxes were contested.
"Just One Cornetto!"

I hope the bridge can take the weight.

And they keep coming.
                                                A good game especially as it was its first outing.In my opinion and this is after laying out a couple of bob for my own game is that it is just another gang skirmish game albeit with a novel destiny dice twist.The rule book makes good eye candy but the rules need a couple of reads and a couple of games to be really comprehended.The figures are resin and very delicate with arms and body bits needing glued onto torsos and care has to be taken when they are in play.Now doubt the game will be tried again this week work providing so my next blog will be an update.
The Lady Vanishes.

"My Precious!

"It's Mine!""No it's Mine!"

And he hung on till the end-My Precious!"
                                    All figs,scenery and scenario provided by Colin Jack who also provided us with a sumptuous repast of paella.
                                                        Hopefully speak to you next week after the game's second outing.