Friday, 20 July 2018

"That's how its done Dave!"

Thursday 19th July.
The town in question

                                              Back to seriousness for this week's game after a couple of weeks of not so serious games involving half naked females and weeping angels.This week's foray saw us back in 1940 where us Brit's were taking a bit of a kicking in Northern France.The battle of Cassel was fought as a rearguard action within sight of Dunkirk.
Plenty of garden space

with posters to welcome visitors with

and plenty of rental accommodation.
                                                               Tonight's game was a replay of a game played away back in June by the other members of the Gothenburg Gamers as I had to indulge in that thing called work.I am led to believe that the German commanders were not quite up to the task that evening and fresh blood was brought in,ie me, to achieve victory and make sure history wasn't changed.
Ready for the off.

Officers to the fore.

Hoping to make lesser targets.
                                                 We decided to go for the jugular straight from the start before the Brits could rain down fire on us with their artillery so off we charged light armour to the fore hoping to reveal all the hiding places of the defenders.
Colin's hordes.

A brief flurry from the enemy.

Bypassed pretty quickly.
                                                    The initial artillery fire was sporadic and ineffectual allowing our advance parties the opportunity to flush out any British guns and do away with them.This we did and after a few defensive shots that were ineffectual we started to clear them away one by one.This started the arrival of the puny British armour which would eventually end up as scrap metal although they did do away with some German armour albeit lightly armoured cars.
Watching the skies.

Wata lot of water tower.

Looking confident.
                                                        Colin was steamrolling his way down our right flank and was rolling up Ray's defenders with not too many casualties of his own.My gallant lads were beginning to lose their momentum and decided to call in air support which arrived in the form of a Ju88 bomber.Yes,What could be better?A plane with a better bomb aimer for a start!He missed his target by the proverbial mile.If we were going to win this battle it was going to be done the hard way.
The heavy boys waiting their turn.

The enemy armour arrives.

"That's it games over!"

Maybe not.
                                                  We continued to get up,close and personal and after a few turns we got to bring on some needy reinforcements which we hoped would pave the way for a glorious victory. Bill and Ray's forces dug in hoping to bar our way but Colin's forces got ever nearer the defenders and with a combined effort from his infantry and armour finally got a foothold into one of the defended buildings and also captured a water tower which contained Ray's artillery spotter so that was his support done away with.
The defenders being whittled down.

More German tank fodder.

UP,close and personal.

Somebody having a quiet day.

Well you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs!

New tenants.
                                            On my side it was developing into a stand up gun fight with my armoured cars eventually being overcome by Bill's plucky defenders but my tanks finally put Bill's other armour to flight allowing them a chance to get into the fight to avenge their fallen comrades.Luck also came my way as my mortar hit pay dirt or a bren carrier to be precise and done away with its occupants.Bill's remaining armour done an advance to the rear movement in order to escape from the carnage.
The inevitable grey wave.

Carnage in the British rear.

A mass of field grey.
                   Another great game played in the best of manners although it was easy seen that fresh blood was needed to motivate these gallant lads to victory not like a few weeks ago when it turned into a stalemate.Two of the generals from the previous game have been eliminated due too their incompetence.
Lonely machine gun.

The only fly in our ointment.

Getting ready to head for Dunkirk.

                                      A factual account of the battle can be found at the following link.
                                           See You All When I See You.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

The Vauxhall Ra!

Wednesday 10th July.
Actually London.
This evening's Garvald Film Studios armchair romp found us in the seedy streets of Victorian London albeit a steampunk one with vampires,weeping angels and dead bodies abound.
London Docklands
  After eating Chinese food what could be better than a gang fight involving Tongs and Triads.Well not in Garvald as we had Egyptian gangs sparring with an Indian gang complete with Thugees .We used these gangs as my Honourable Penzance Police Company(Tarantara)are still being trained up to face the foe(that's myspeak for them still being on the painting table).
"Just Another break in the Wall"Sorry PF.

One man and his dog.

She's back-Don't blink.

"The Navy's here!"Going about there business.
Colin had conjured up a scenario involving searching buildings for goodies which usually came in the form of dead bodies or vampires and trying to avoid the other gang at least till you had some booty under your belt so to speak.

Count Alucard.
The setting was the London docklands and murders had occurred where the Servants of Ra were under suspicion of the dastardly deeds but also in the area were the notorious Nightrunners ,a vigilante sect with sub-continent leanings.
The Nightrunners out for a curry.

Lucky man!"

"They went thataway!"
Unusually our starting points were next to each other so off we went in opposite directions promising to meet for a chit chat before the end of he game.My lads headed straight in to the nearest building only to be confronted by the Vampress of Vauxhall who prompltly avoided all the gunfire coming in her direction.This she did for a good few turns as she first mesmerised my cultist making him attack my leader who promptly despatched him for insolence.
A deed bodie.

Not what he was looking for.

"The game's a foot,Good doctor"
Colin's gang split up with two Thuggees heading for his nearest building which yielded a dead body for his efforts.Literally first blood to Colin.The remainder of his gang headed across the river and the Egyptian buildings which had appeared in the local park,
Akhenaton about to get attacked by his mesmerised follower.

"Follow me boys!"
     I decided to go for the jugular and set three of my lads complete with a mummy dragging its heels and its bandage straight after Colin's two isolated Thuggees.This they did and after a few turns done away with them albeit at the cost of two of my men.My mummy sighed due to lack of action and ambled away towards the river and some prey.
The gallant Captain Savage and his big piece.

"Woe is me"

Steam powered penny farthing.
         Two of Colin's gang members,Amira and Vanda,moved away from Colin's leader,Captain Savage,and proceeded to head onto the Thames river and onto Captain Nemo's Nautilius which had just moored and much to their surprise found themselves confronted by another vampress  which proceeded to levitate out of harm's way.Colin's girls ignored the vampire and headed back off the boat and headed for the Vauxhall bridge only to be confronted by two of my cultists ready to bar their way.Well that was the plan which ended with one of the cultists trying to breath underwater and the other one swimming the Thames.
"Wanna be in my gang?"

Recruiting a Torchwood agent.

The two thuggees showing the angel a clean pair of heels.
Colin's leader,Captain Savage with his faithful sidekick Sergeant Hanupata in tow entered the Egyptian building where low and behold an agent of Victorian Torchwood was in residence.The agent immediately joined forces with Savage and accompanied him towards greater glory.Two of his other members Lesath and a faithful Thuggee had managed to get too near a Weeping Angel which had ensconced itself in a nearby graveyard sending it hurtling towards them.Luckily the two Indians didn't blink and legged away from the angel.Obviously they hadn't told Captain Savage about this occurrence as he and his faithful sergeant blundered into the angel shortly afterwards luckily escaping to a safe distance before putting the angel out of its misery.Mr Torchwood missed all the fun as he was too busy chatting up a tasty bit of stuff on a nearby bridge.
The consulting detective witnessing a scuffle.

"Splash and in he goes."

Gang Up warfare.
At the other side of the river my gorgeous Sairah had boarded another boat and found another Torchwood agent,this time a crackshot female who succumbed to Sairah's charms and offered to help our side out.One of my remaining cultists had stuck to his task and headed into another empty building only to be confronted by another dead body.The body count was rising.
Looking for his mummy.

A bit girl on girl-wouldn't be a Colin Jack game without some.

Another deed bodie.
The original two escapees from the Weeping Angel's clutches had found themselves in hand to hand with Sairah who eventually was aided and abetted by Professor Abir but in the end proved not to be of any use.After a couple of rounds the Professor was done away with leaving  Sairah to face the amorous advances of the two Indians.
"What will we do with the drunken sailor?"

Surveying the scene.

Akhenaton comparing notes with the consulting detective.

And yet another deed bodie.
Captain Savage by this time was busy loading shells into his hunting rifle in order to do away with the charging angel which he did just as his faithful sergeant was about to run interference for him.
Colin's two girls(only two this evening)had crossed the river by the Vauxhall bridge and were splitting up in order to head for different buildings.Vanda headed for the scuffle going on behind the Hansom cab,fighting of my Torchwood ally on the way but time was not on her side as with the last turn of the game Sairah successfully disengaged from her opponent and headed into the nearby finding yet another dead body for her troubles.Colin took advantage of this and headed into the last building,straight into another vampire.
A cracking game played in the usual not too serious way.Rules used were In Her Majesty's Name.
All figures,scenery and scenario provided by Colin.Hopefully it will not be too long until the next Victorian game.
See You All Soon.