Monday, 14 December 2020

Another unpublished post from a long time ago in a galaxy far away!

Sunday 18th August.

       Down to Newark for our bi-annual visit to Partizan and this time was my turn to provide our entertainment in the form of my Bay of Pigs game so we headed down on the Saturday courtesy of the iron horse giving us time to indulge in a few foaming ales and a visit to in my opinion the best Indian restaurant around.
The choice ale of the day.

Old folks day out.

Ray has promised to smile only when Leith is saved.
           Wetherspoon’s was visited and a few ales were quenched before we headed for the Koinonia restaurant in Newark which specialises in Kerelan cuisine from south west India featuring fish and coconut aplenty.
Gandalf chooses his curry.

This was my favourite game which was based on one of my fav war films-Tobruk!

Another run out for our Bay of Pigs game ironing out all the creases before the remaining game shows of 2019.
Bill Miller’s great handiwork of getting the Sea Furys tarted up.
And finishing off the Invader.
My apologies for the very late publication of our trip to The Other Partizan but I’m sure it’ll  bring back a few memories of a great weekend.
                See You All When I See You.


  1. That's a great looking game. I don't believe I have seen any of those figs before. What figs did you use for the Cubes and the Exile forces? What scale planes did you use for this?

  2. The Cuban regulars and exiles are from Commando miniatures who now come under the Warbases banner.The militia were from Reiver miniatures.The M41s are from the kid’s toys “Tank in a Tin”.There are more pictures in other blogs circa late 2019 as we actually won first prize at the Kirriemuir show.

  3. Oh!Planewise,the Invader is Revell whilst the Sea Furys were Airfix,all in 1/48 scale.