Sunday, 13 June 2021

Back to semi-reality!

Wednesday 7th June.

                     The Garvald film studios reopened tonight again after the second Nicola lockdown and hopefully this will be the first of many game nights to come.Our first game was a venture into the unknown literally as it was the first attempt at Stargrave which on first reflections looks to be a good skirmish game. We both purchased the rulebook courtesy of the kickstarter to which I also purchased the figures to accompany it. I didn’t have any of them painted so I had to improvise and utilise some Necromunda figures I had acquired a few years ago tfrom oor Shug’s legacy.Colin had utilised some Kryomek figures that he had come across and yes they were all
My fav figure!

Under hive scum being reinvented.

                                 When I arrived I found that a table had been  set up with scenery and plenty of scatter material for our two gangs to squabble over.The figures were placed on the table and the game commenced with as per usual both gangs running to make best use of the cover provided.As this was our first proper game the rule book was perused on many an occasion as the game mechanics were worked through.
Colin’s choice of gang-Female Kryomeks.

Hiding behind the ramen bar.

                 The game consists of two crews scouring the board for booty coming in the form of solid crates or data transfers which had been placed round the board and the more your side procured the merrier.So after initiative was diced for ,which I won,the usual heading for the nearest treasure troves was the order of the day for the Watson gang. Colin’s crew were out to stop me but didn’t start too well as one of his girls went down in a blaze of glory.One down nine to go.The first couple of turns produced the usual early sparring rounds as we both sniped at each other with not a lot of damage done.
The battlefield.

“Here we go,here we go!”

                               Colin’s crew were the first to reach the crates and under fire from my lads they started opening the crates and downloading the data.It looked like it was going to be a short game until my shots started to count and the hits were piling up on the other crew and that was before my flamethrower opened up.Colin’s girls replied with very accurate grenade fire causing my first mate and a minion to utter a few grunts.
Reaching the first crate.

Frying Tonight!

                   The object of the game is to acquire the crates and head for home so Colin’s femme fatales had already reached their first crates and were opening them up in order to transport them to safety.My lads kept up their unwavering fire and eventually done away with Colin’s first mate leaving it’s partner on her own to haul the booty to their side of the board.One of Colin’s girls made contact with a data base and was heading off with it when I used my first ever power which was to make said girl drop the package and move it away from her.This came at some cost to my captain as he soon attracted some deadly fire from various enemy gang members including their leader who had moved into a better firing position but she also put herself into range of one of my lads who was throwing grenades at her like sweeties eventually doing away with her.


Downloading the goods!

                                 One of my lads came into contact with another data base and lo and behold he opened it first time but that was the easy bit.No sooner had he picked it up when he was shot in the back making him fall and drop his ill gotten gains.This was soon avenged by my shooting everything in sight and eventually making Colin’s gang diminish by the minute and giving me a very slight victory.
Just about to be shot in the back.

Shooting and looting.

                       As I said earlier this was a first run for myself with this game and now I shall sit down and read the rules again and plan for future adventures and also how to best run a gang.We are hoping that if Partizan goes ahead this year to take the game with us as it’ll be easily transportable by train but I’m not holding my breath about the show going ahead as I think people in general will still be a bit wary of public events but you never know.

Thursday, 17 December 2020

A Passed over Donnybrook game that I have just come across!Oops!

This is another game from September before I had taken possession of an iPad to make life easier and also before Nicola had shut down life again.

 Wednesday 16th September.

              First game since lockdown saw me heading out to North Berwick for a social distanced venture into Donnybrook with a game put together by Dave O’Brien consisting of a raid by some North African bad guys on the Spanish Costas.

                  I had bought some 17th century Spanish from Black Angus last year so this was their first outing and true to form being new started the day with a kicking.


Dave had set up a knacky wee table with houses and scenery abound and so the scene was sat for some blood and thunder with no quarter taken or given

                The scenario was for the bad guys to land and pillage a Spanish holiday resort and abscond with some booty consisting of beasts and hardware.As this was a raid my senors came onto the table as reinforcements whereas Dave’s guys had carte blanche for the first two turns as only my first squad of militia were allowed to turn up.

                  Dave’s force consisted of a horde of screaming heathens armed with amongst other things spears and bows which initially done the dastardly deed on my militia.To add insult to injury his super dooper Janissaries opened up with their muskets decimating my militia as well as a few shots at my newly arrived picadors.Obviously his plan was to hold the Spanish at bay giving his other miscreants time to pillage the village for all the livestock and anything else that wasn’t nailed down.

                                           I thought that this was going to be an early bath as my forces were dwindling at a fair rate of knots and it was only when his spearman entered the village  that I started to get some payback  and started to successfully shoot back with some telling hits first on Dave's spearmen with my newly arriving infantry engaging the archers.By this time my cavalry had dwindled down to the officer who duly charged Dave's weapon master hoping to do away with this miscreant.Well that was the plan but even though my cavalry officer charged in horse to the fore ,he came off second best after a few turns of fisticuffs.

                                                       My general arrived on and proceeded to encourage his men to greater things and the Spanish shooting began to take its toll on the marauding raiders slowly but surely.My regulars arrived and proceeded to do away with the annoying archers giving them an opportunity to try and head off the looters before they reached the safety of their boats.Meanwhile my general was having a field day encouraging his men to better thing and also doing away with first the commanding general of the pirates and then the invading Iman.the only problem here was that his own force were once again dwindling.They dwindled that much that although the Spanish leader done well mano a mano he couldn't stop the last of the militia headong for the Spanish hill complete with their general.

                                  Dave had slowly but surely dragged and herded all his ill gotten gains back to the boats.What amazed me was that he even stole some pigs which I would imagine would not go down too well in North Africa.The down side to Dave's marginal victory was that he had hardly anybody left to enjoy the fruits of his escapade but at least the remaining rabble would have a good barbeque.

                                              A great game and one that was greatly welcomed as like the rest of us gamers we have had a very barren 2020 games wise and hopefully it will continue even although a second lockdown could be on the horizon due to the idiotic minority.

                                       Heading out to the Garvald Film Studios on Monday for a foray into a socially distanced  In Her Majesty's Name outing.

                                 Watch This Space!!!!!!

                                 All scenery,scenario and Arab figures were provided by Dave himself with interruptions provided by the lovely Lola the dalmation.

Monday, 14 December 2020

Another unpublished post from a long time ago in a galaxy far away!

Sunday 18th August.

       Down to Newark for our bi-annual visit to Partizan and this time was my turn to provide our entertainment in the form of my Bay of Pigs game so we headed down on the Saturday courtesy of the iron horse giving us time to indulge in a few foaming ales and a visit to in my opinion the best Indian restaurant around.
The choice ale of the day.

Old folks day out.

Ray has promised to smile only when Leith is saved.
           Wetherspoon’s was visited and a few ales were quenched before we headed for the Koinonia restaurant in Newark which specialises in Kerelan cuisine from south west India featuring fish and coconut aplenty.
Gandalf chooses his curry.

This was my favourite game which was based on one of my fav war films-Tobruk!

Another run out for our Bay of Pigs game ironing out all the creases before the remaining game shows of 2019.
Bill Miller’s great handiwork of getting the Sea Furys tarted up.
And finishing off the Invader.
My apologies for the very late publication of our trip to The Other Partizan but I’m sure it’ll  bring back a few memories of a great weekend.
                See You All When I See You.

Boston Afternoon Tea Party.

Monday 21st September.
Had another break in this COVID storm so I headed out to an autumnal Garvald for an afternoon of an In Her Majesty’s Name romp set in the streets of Boston circa 1890’s.Little did I know that this was going to be the last game of the year so I’m glad it was an excellent game as always.The main reason I haven’t published this account as my IPhone didn’t like speaking to my laptop so I couldn’t get my blogs published promptly:I have solved this problem by indulging in the purchase of an IPad so when Nicola finally decides that we can get back to gaming I’ll be able to write my blogs a bit quicker.My apologies for the photos as this is another reason why I have bought my new gadget.

This was part of covid lockdown project by the Duke of Garvald.More pictures can be seen on the  Bad Sqiddo games Facebook page.
   Anyhoo!The game involved an altercation between the crew of the Nautilus trying to get one of their crew out of the local “nick”which was being protected by the local constabulary.
The Nautilus was captained off course by Captain Nemo aided and abetted by his motley crew including his daughter Rani.
Hardit Singh leads his thugs on a no holds barred rampage through the Boston docks.

Final fight.
Colin was in charge of the Nautilus crew and went straight for the jail to try and finish the game quickly but the true forces of law and order stood their ground and gave as well as they got 

One big scrap.

Most of Nemo’s crew ended up fighting one on one against my girls and boys and it was my girls who gave as well as they got.My police constables weren’t so lucky and tended to dwindle.
Captain Nemo and his female entourage .

My loyal band of fuzz,led by Inspector Reid on secondment from Ripper Street.

Two-gun Tess leads another pawn into the fray.

Innocent dockworker is dispatched.

Captain Nemo watches everybody else scrapping around him.
Parasol Patty was the difference between my lads standing or falling as her parasol acted as a shield until we realised she maybe wasn’t as good as we thought rule wise.
A little bit of distraction.
As you can see as all who know Colin,he has an awfy lot of female figures,and they were well to the fore.
Parasol Patty oot for a daunder.

Local railwayman swinging his lantern.

Steam Hanson cab.

What a way to go.

Hold on to your horses.

Close up of the final scrap.
The Nautilus crew came close but no gold medal as the game fizzled out to a draw.We were hoping for a rematch but Nicola shot that down in flames.
Violet Smee-jailbird awaiting freedom.

The naughty Nautilus arrives.

Nice cleavage!

Hardit Singh looking for more victims.
A fitting end to a close game and a chance to shift some lead-albeit very carefully.I have another report to publish involving Donnybrook but I’ll have to wait to see how to shuffle pictures around on this machine.I hope that you all are having as good as it gets lockdown and hopefully we’ll get back to some semblance of normality next year when we can back to spending money on a pile of lead that we won’t paint.
                   See You All When I see you!!!!!
 Monday 21st September