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Tri-Nation action in Venice

Wednesday 09 August.

                               Feeling as though I havn't played a game in ages Colin Jack decided to utilise the Venetian scenery for an unknown WW2 attack on the city of canals.That unknown in that it never happened except in Colin's mind.
Some pictures of the lull before the storm.

The choir boys are still chirping away

                               The game involved an attack by Canadian paras supported by some Royal Marine commandos who actually didn't last long and had to be helped by some Brazilian infantry who just happened to be in the vicinity.The defenders were a mixed bag of Italian paras and infantry who were all ensconsed in the Venetian buildings waiting to spring their carefully laid traps.
Moving up.

Para command squad with the C.O. suitably equipped with foxhorn.
                                  I took control of the Canadians whilst Colin took charge of the seaborne forces.I kicked off by dropping my paras on randomly chosen areas making sure that I didn't loose them all as in our Aegean games.
                                   My lads landed safe and sound and after gathering themselves together headed for the centre of town where the natives were a wee bit hostile.Colin landed the first of his marines straight into the muzzles of Bill's Italians who were lying in wait in a warehouse situated on one of the wharfs.
Messing about on the canal

ready to rumble.
              After Colin's forces were whittled down he decided to storm the building and after he cleared the bad guys out found that he didn't have much time to consolidate before Bill attacked the building flamethrower et al.Colin's forces  suffered severely and ended up heading back for the safety of his boats.
Flamethrower haven.

Time for a brew before heading across the green.

Da da da da!
                    My paras cautiously made their way towards the canal only to be met with gunfire from a nearby building stopping them in their tracks.I started trying to pin them down with gunfire until my mortar could come into action and help with some payback.
Can't beat a good tree to hide behind.

The difference between the two forces.
                                             Bill had placed a sniper in the tower situated in the middle of town and he spent the evening making our forces keep their heads down and taking a few valuable prizes with his shooting skill.
                                Colin looked around for some reinforcements to bring on and found them in the form of Brazilian infantry he had painted up for some of last years games.They were duly put on a boat and ferried towards Venice.
Out for a pizza.
                                             More of Bill's Italians opened up on my paras once they started moving across open ground but apart from a few casualties stayed focused on the job in hand.My mortar started to hit paydirt and eventually softened up one of Bill's buildings enough for me to rush in and clear this nest of vipers before heading to the next building to complete our revenge on the flamethrower team.
Italian surprise
                                      Colin's Brazilians came charging up the harbour hoping to get to grips with Bill's Italians in the harbour building only to lose a few before coming off second best in the following fistfight.Colin got revenge by slowly taking out the remaining men in the building.
Sambaing up the pier!
Da da da da in Portugese!
   Bill's machine gun now opened up on my lads crossing the green in front of the house that they were inhabiting making them hit the dirt.I changed the direction of the mortar fire to try and dislodge this gun so that Colin's only remaining commando squad could finish the off in their own way-up,close and personal.
Still waiting on a pizza.
Knock knock(in Italian)
Very sneaky Italian mortar team soon to be extinct.
 My para squad that was suitably crouching behind the walls of a house,fired at and destroyed Bill's mortar squad.Ithink Bill was about to look for some white flags.The only problem they then had was the upstairs inhabitants in the form of Bill's hq who typical of Italians were being rather noisy so my paras had to nip upstair and deal with the noisy lot.This they did with ease.Things were not going Bill's way and I had no intention of letting up on the momentum.
Crawling over the bridge.
                                          Across the square my second squad had managed to pick themselves up with the help of their hq and headed towards the Italians in a nearby house firing at them along the way to keep their heads down.They finally made it to a bridge ready to assault when I decided to just pepper the house with gunfire as it meant the bad guys couldn't budge.
Forward boys!

"It's that way!"

Rapid fire!
                                                 Colin's machine gun continued their spat with Bill's sniper but to no avail as Bill's sniper replied killing the Brazilian co in the process.
The tower of death-Bill's sniper spot.
                                                 Bill had finally given up as his forces were rapidly decreasing and decided on a mass surrender.A good game had by one and all and not a German in sight.
                                All figures,scenery and scenario provided by Colin Jack as well as an excellent repast-pasta of course washed down by a glass of Chilean Devil's Cellar and they weren't even in the fight.
                            Next weeks game will be back into the realms of  7TV-can't wait!

                                           See you when I see you.

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