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"Get Out The F'ng Car!"

Wednesday 30th August.

                                             Tonight we return to a Garvald Studio production premier of "Dust to Dust" the latest cop drama featuring Gene Hunt and his faithful gang as they endeavour  to foil the nefarious O'Brien gang from taking their illegal gotten gains out of the country or something along these lines.

Scenes from the dockside
                                         Colin Jack's scenery was magically switched around and turned into some dingy backwater dock and using the 7TV rules came up with a scenario involving well known cops taking on some local lowlife that was up to no good.

The lull before the storm
                                           This was Dave O'Brien's and Mr Ray's first trip into the world of 7TV with Colin and I overseeing their first attempts and hoping for some good feedback but alas that was long in coming.Tonight's plot involved the foiling of an attempt by Dave of getting some booty out of good old blighty with the help of some armed thugs backed up by some ship's where one looked suspiciously like Bob Hope and another like Corto Maltese.Welcome to Colin Jack's interpretations.
The film never changes.

Arfur Daily

Tommy Ness

"Who is the man who would risk his neck for his brother man?-John Shaft!"
 The game started with Mr Ray's local plod racing recklessly in their police vehicles  with all their blues and twos flashing swerving to avoid a local motorist in the process.
Definitely not driving at 30 mph.

"Mee maw mee maw!"

Just about carnage courtesy of Dave O'Brien.
                              Dave's hoods made their way out of the dockside warehouse and loaded all their swag in a waiting Landrover and after got themselves into the 4x4 and headed gingerly towards the waiting freighter unaware of the approaching mayhem.
Bob Hope and his golf club.

Watching the day go by.
                                Mr Ray had sneakily placed the gorgeous Alex Drake on lookout relaying all the details to her rapidly approaching colleagues only for her to be surprised by two thugs who had been sent out to spot for the local plod.After attempting to shoot them and failing miserably she decided to see how good their martial art skills were and laid the way for an ongoing fisticuff battle that would last most of the evening.
"Bang!""Get out the f'ng car!"

"Once again get out the f'ng car"
                                       Meanwhile Mr Ray's Audi Quattro came charging on to the pier and was duly rammed by Dave's Landrover coming the other way and the resulting carnage blocked the only accessible bridge between the two piers.This was after me telling Mr Ray to get out of the car to give himself some manoeuvre room.This suggestion was duly dismissed and the in the resulting carnage three of his men including Gene Hunt were stuck in the mangled wreckage the three of them stunned and shaken.
Bad guys draw first blood.
                              Meanwhile Dave's occupants of his wasted Landrover got out,dusted themselves down and proceeded to fire at the Audi occupants gradually wearing the police officers inside the car down.
Returning fire with dwindling numbers.
                      Alex meanwhile was having a running battle with the two thugs and eventually put one of the thugs out of the game only for him to reappear due to a random card selection across the other side of the docks far away from the action but materialising right on top of one of the game objectives.Lucky swine!
The perfect skirt for fighting with.

Dave's guy shooting Gene Hunt in the back.
                          Alex's joy was short lived as an Elliot Ness looking guy turned up Tommy gun et al and started spraying bullets in Alex's direction making Alex head for the cover of a nearby building.
This time luck was on her side with her discovery of an objective marker which was the highlight of the lawkeepers'evening.
Evening up the fight with a Tommy gun.

                              My police support began to arrive in the form of some bobbies complete with a passing policewoman who on leaving their vehicle decided to fall head first into the water courtesy of Dave's random event card.
My plod plodding along.

In she goes!

Keeping up the fire with Ray about to go down.
                               After making sure she was okay the remainder headed forward to help with the carnage that was ensuing on the dockfront where both of Gene Hunt's assistants were eventually taken out of the game by the Landrovers crew leaving Gene Hunt with a Custer complex but he was determined to inflict some damage.He successfully took out one of the assailants before succumbing to gunfire and falling into the harbour where his body disappeared ready to appear in another show later on in the season.
"Have you got a license for this vehicle?"

"Obviously Not"
                                     Having successfully driven off Alex,the machine gun character turned his attentions to the onrushing bobbies missing them all in the process giving my police sergeant time to engage the remaining thug from Alex's encounter but once again to no avail as he went down under a fistful of punches.
Pouring it on.
                                     Dave's other two thugs came around the side of the Landrover and fired at my onrushing constables wounding them both in the process and basically ending the game there and then.
Drying herself out before getting in the car.

A hidden albeit useless Black Maria
                                A very good game even with the learning of the rules by the two newcomers and the trepidant misgivings of both Dave and Mr Ray.
                                         All figures,scenery and scenario provided by Colin Jack.

                                     We will be back again to try these rules in the near future as we hope to use them in the game we will be putting on at Targe in November.
                                             See you when I see you especially in the next few weeks as I will be heading for Germany then Belgium and the town of Ypres.

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