Friday, 11 August 2017

Collateral or not Collateral

Thursday 10th August.

                                  Campbell decided he wanted to play AK 47 so I used that excuse to organise a big game in October which looks like it is going to be a big game with about a dozen gamers involved.Campbell was up for it until Lady Hardie(his wife)had other ideas and babysitting was more important than running about the African veldt.
African standoff!

Jack sampling the local juju juice.
                                      Anywho since Campbell and Bart hadn't played the game before I decided to put on a wee game at the club tonight giving the two of them a chance to try the rules and also for myself to get reaquainted with them myself ably assisted by my not so glamorous  assistant Jack Glanville.
Like a lot of my AK figs they've been along for a long time.

Militia in the Marsh - sounds like a rural English village.

                                    Ak 47 is a very unpolitically correct game based on African wars in the fifties,sixties,seventies and even the nineties.It is also very easy to play and games can last for minutes or hours depending on dice rolls.It was popular in the club in the early 2000s and it was amazing to see the old hands come over to have a peruse and reminisce about previous games and armies.
Bart supremely confident even although his tanks are brewing up nicely 

                                        Bart and Campbell kitted up with their respective armies and got down to business but due to the vagaries of the rules Bart started off with two units and Campbell with four and he was defending resulted in  Bart's forces beginning  to turn into cannon fodder.

Some of Derek Hodge's doing the YMCA I think.

The militia refusing to budge

One of my presidential guard tanks helping out(yes the blue one)

Campbell's infantry not looking very professional 
                                           This was to be the norm for most of the game even when Bart finally managed to get his reinforcements on.It was only at the end that Bart started to damage Campbell's forces but by then it was too late resulting in a glorious win for Campbell  

Bart's last bid for glory
                                        Bart left licking his wounds,slightly unamused especially when he found out that one of his big weapons couldn't inflict collateral damage.
                                           I'm sure the Polish Exile army in Africa will be back and kicking ass.
                                        A very good game and hopefully the first of a few practise games before the big game in October.
                                                    See you when I see you.

                          You can see reports from games long ago at-;id=279;url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ehodgenet%2Eco%2Euk%2Fold%2FZtum-Setum%2FIndex%2Ehtm


  1. Looks good - sorry I missed it due to Cultural Tourism at the Edinburgh Festival.

  2. Looks great ...Have the rules but never played.