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Who do you think you are kidding Mister Gilchrist.

               Wednesday 14th June,

Nice quiet rural England

Not for long


                                  We played last Saturday's postponed Seelion game this evening with Bill Gilchrist substituting for Herr Dave O'Brien.
                                   The game was to be a pretty quick game with only five turns involving a unit of Branderburgers making a commando assault on a coastal gun emplacement somewhere on the east Sussex coast with Warmington on sea coming to mind.

                                           Bill very unusually ended up with the Germans whilst I took the part of the plucky Home Guard supplemented by a unit of Royal Navy sailors.Things didn't look good for me at the start as it was taking place just after Dunkirk and my men were a tad green except for the sailors.Obviously some people havn't heard the old saying of the most dangerous thing in the world is a sailor with a rifle in his hand which survived up to the Falkland's campaign when it was replaced with officer with a map.
The Germans fighting their way through some discarded dice.
"The gallant crew"
                                           The stage was set for Bill's units to come storming ashore in order to disable the coastal gun and head back to Germany with some booty.
To the rescue
                                                 Of course my plucky Home Guard were going to do their utmost best to make sure that didn't happen.As I was only allowed so many figures on the table to start with I put Captain Mannering's platoon in the bunker only to find it didn't have enough openings for my whole squad to shoot so after a few turns of sniping at the Germans albeit with a Lewis gun I brought them out of the bunker in order to get to grips with the evil Hun invaders.
                                                    Bill's forces didn't have much time to achieve their objectives so they made straight for their objectives hoping to sweep any opposition away but as soon as one of his squads appeared into the line of sight of my carefully placed machine guns they were brought to a sudden halt leaving only one of the small demolition squads scrambling towards the main gun with the intention of putting a charge on the gun. This they did but it turned out to be a bit of a damp squib with more flash than bang.
Just about to cause mayhem
                                               By this time my gallant reinforcements had made their way on to the field with my second Home Guard squad going right into hand to hand with Germans loitering about the gun.I'm afraid my squad ended up with a bloody nose and ran away.
Hands,boots and pistols-all in.
                                                By this time Bill's other demolition team were heading towards the gun but met with some opposition from Mannering's platoon who stalled them but eventually had to run in themselves and indulge in hand to hand combat."They don't like it up them,Sir!"
                                          Bill's forces seemed to arrive mostly armed with pistols which probably saved a lot of my guys.This was probably the reason why the game turned into a stalemate with the Germans not achieving their full objective.
Ready to mess with some cold British steel
                                            The British held them off albeit at a cost.I'm afraid to say Private Sponge went to meet his maker along with a few more of his gallant fellow countrymen.
Private Sponge R.I.P.-for the moment.
                                                  As I was an early start workwise the following day I left early leaving Bill and Colin to have a refight this time with the Germans being equipped with submachine guns.I'm led to believe that the Germans still didn't make their objectives.Ces't La Vie(don't know it in German I'm afraid).
                                                      A great night with a nice wee unit action.
                   All figures,scenery and scenario from Colin Jack's collection who also provided us with a nice meal supplemented mit einen schonen Rotwein.
                      My apologies for the quality of photographs as the light was bad and I didn't get the hang of the flash.
                                            See You When I See You

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