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If you go down to the woods today-Partizan Livingstone Second Half

Wednesday 28th June.
Blohm and Voss BV141

                                Due to work commitments I arrived slightly late to take part in the second half of Bill's partisan game and the first thing I noticed was that Dave O'Brien had morphed into Dave Paterson which I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing.
                                    Before I had arrived my on board forces who had beer hanging around on the table for three weeks were taking a bit of a bashing due to Colin's bad dice rolls a 2 being his highest roll.So after being suitably fortified by one of Helena's delicious meals and a glass of rotwein proceeded to bring some Teutonic order to my band of misfits.
Can't leave Mr Ray alone for 5 minutes.

Livingstone at rush hour.
                           Mr Ray's column were still going manno a manno with Donald's partizans who were frolicking about in the woods(he's fed up skulking and now frolics).
Dave and Dave's weapon of choice.

Mr Ray eventually decides to move
                            Dave's anti tank gun was once again sniping at Mr Ray's tank but ended up with a bloody nose itself when all its crew were finally done away with.Dave then turned his attentions towards Colin's forces who were at that time fortifying the railway station and restoring normal service to the railway line.The locals  would be happy with normal service being restored apart from the extortionate fares brought in to pay for the repairs.
Peak hour 

"I've been working on the railroad,All day long"
                                    My plan was to deal with Bill's forces on the outskirts of the wood in order to venture into the woods in the centre of the table in order toclean out this nest of vipers who were plaguing my innocent intentioned lads just out for a pleasant day's drive.
Donald's work picnic

                                    Bill had given me some motorised infantry so I dually brought them on to deal with Donald's partisans  leaving the lads already on the table to eliminate the threat from Bill's partisans which they did with overwhelming concentrated firepower forcing the remainder of the group to head for the hills.
Clearing the line.

Skulkers and their not even Donald's

Telegraph pole repair team.
Ma boys

Deploying to deal with the rabble.
                                      I then went into my usual mode of thinking the game was over when Donald's reinforcements came trotting out of a wood in the form of Cossacks with a Tachanka machine gun for support so I had to divide my forces to meet this threat.
Cossack muster

On the move
                                     Meanwhile Mr Ray was getting the upper hand against Donald's forces in the centre wood driving them like pheasants to my waiting Mausers.
Donald's forces hanging on for grim death.
                                         Dave had changed tack and decided to attack Colin's forces who were in the process of repairing the damaged railway but after some toing and froing were eventually heading back to the cave that they had started from.Colin's men went back to their day job of fixing the broken rail.
Dave's rabble moving out.

Come to papa.

Not a bad guy in sight.
                                               We were indulging in special event die rolls and when our roll finally decided to produce an event it came in the form of a Blohm and Voss BV 141 which was an extremely unusual plane noted for its unusual asymmetry as a lot of German planes were towards the end of the w in the woods beside Donald.Obviously a cue for some Soviet paratroopers to arrive on the board.
Our unusual visitor

Weird German engineering.
                               Donald's Cossacks split up with half of his cavalry heading for my supply trucks with the other half charging towards my waiting machine guns and guns.I opened up with everything possible but didn't do enough damage as some of his Cossacks made it through my cordon of fiery steel taking with them 2 of my machine guns and my infantry gun due to rolling some lucky dice.The remainder of the cavalry were subsequently dispatched.The only consolation would be that my surviving men would be dining well on fresh horsemeat that evening.
Charge!( in Russian)


                                 The short evening drew to an end with most of the partisans dispatched in true Teutonic fashion but obviously the partisans would still have had a sting in their tale knowing Bill.
                    A great game involving some unusual figures and equipment.
                        All figures,scenery and scenario provided by Bill Gilchrist with the train emanating from Colin's collection.

                  Dave Patterson -Dastardly partisans.
                  Donald Adamson-Frolicking partisans.

                  Colin Jack-All things railway.
                  Me,myself and I-very picked on Germans.

                  Bill Gilchrist-Unbiased adjudicator(huh!)

                     Thanks again to Helena for providing a beautiful repast and the accompanying glass of Vin rouge which went down well after putting up with the travelling public all day.Mostly tourists from the colonies.
                                 See You When I See You.


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