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Saturday Night Premier

Sat 10th June


                         Welcome to the premier episode of TV7 on Hill 107 Blog filmed entirely on location in  the Garvald film studios.
A few pics of the backlot film studio in Garvald.

                            For the first time in a long time I played a game on a Saturday evening involving figures as Lady Watson and her friend the Contessa (they sound like female jewel thieves) had decided on a Thelma and Louise trip to Falkland Palce where some of the scenes for Outlander is filmed,leaving me with two options-watch football or play with toy soldiers-no contest.

Complete with fabby cars

                The original game was meant to be an Operation Sealion game with Dave O'Brien being involved but due to a last minute call off Colin decided on experimenting with the new set of rules from the Crooked Dice stable in the form of TV7.
                            I have played the !st edition rules a few years ago and was very enthusiastic about trying these ones out.I love the concept of the TV7 games as it means I can use figures from tv series that I love especially the ones from the 60's,70's and 80's.It is nice to know that there are game designers who think along the same wavelength as myself.

Fill her up and check the  tyres(or should that be tires)
                                              The rules are based on a Tv programme with Acts1&2 and finishing off with an exciting finale.If you are playing a campaign it is just like a tv series with cast members being hired or fired.
Redneck heaven
                                       To start our premier we had a scenario or should I say a synopsis with a gang fight between a gang of rednecks and black females.I would have picked the Latino girls but as always were just out of reach.Remember this is a Colin Jack game and female figures are always in abundance.
The Latino Chicas complete with Yorkshire Terrier
Big Mama and the girls.
                              My girls were suitably suited and booted and headed out to do battle with Colin's rednecks.The scene was the Dinogas gas station situated on some forlorn harbour festooned with some beautiful cars in backwater America.
                                       It was the usual encounter game with everybody running about finding the best vantage point with which to shoot or get up close and personal with your opponent.In my case hiding behind a Chevy Bel-Air and taking potshots at Colin's rednecks.
Gunned down in her prime-complete with broken heart
  One of my girls who was actually my group's doghandler(yes each gang had a dog)dashed towards the corner of a building in order to get round the back of Colin's gang only to be gunned down by an extra(the game has stars,costars and extras)Another one of my gang went hunting for revenge and after successfully evading the extras shot got up close and personal with him ignoring his hot-dog breath in the process.She actually spent most of the evening going hand to hand with him.
I'm gonna get you sucka.

Revenge is perfume scented
                                      Two of my other girls were trading shots with another two extras from the other gang but they could have done with some more target practise as they couldn't get a real telling shot.
Terrier tussle

And he's off
                                 Colin's dog made straight for my terrier and started a dogfight which ended up with my dog being knocked down and eventually running away with its tail between its legs.Colin's dog didn't last long as it decided to make a beeline towards my star Big Bertha,who promptly dispatched it to doggy heaven.

I can think of better places to have a gunfight
                                     In this game before indulging in actions you have to turn over a random action card and my best card came in the form of being able to set some of Colin's gang on fire.The only trouble being that there was a three inch radius of the fire so I couldn't get the benefit of setting anybody else on fire as all his guys were scattered about so there was only one unfortunate victim but even he managed to put the fire out.
Whoa I'm on fire
                                             Colin's gang finally got to grips with Big Mama who at times was fighting off both the star and the co-star's love interest and ended up going down in a hail of kicks and punches.
Big Mama goes down

with broken hearts all around.

Revenge but too late
        The game ended with the introduction of the "scene stealer"which every player can use once throughout the game.This gives a player an extra turn which is good when the momentum is on your side.This ended the episode(game)with a victory for Colin's rednecks.
                                  Tune in next week for another thrilling episode of "Rumble in Garvald".
                            A great game which I intend to elaborate on in my pursuit of a good set of Spi-Fi rules.
                                 See you when I see you.

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