Thursday, 10 November 2016

Trumped again!

Wednesday 9th November.

                          Summoned to Garvald as Liz had decreed that since she was hors de combat due to a hip replacement said that Colin should put on a game this evening.Who am I to argue and after picking up Mr Ray who was still suffering from post Trump depression headed out to the sticks to see what awaited us.
Seceret plans
                         We were not disappointed as Colin had set up a Bolt Action Korean game featuring a mass North Korean attack on an allied artillery base supported by a couple of T34 tanks.Sounds like an easy night for me as I was playing the North Korean against the cowardly Americans.How many times have I said that in the past few years.My plan was to steamroller up the middle and join up with the two units who were going to turn up behind enemy lines.what could be easier? Bad dice rolls for a start.Colin was my partner in crime whilst Bill Gilchrist and Mr Ray Neal provided hopefully some lack lustre opposition.
The Brit's having their customary brew.
Spread out in a bunch
 The enemy had dug themselves into the crest of two hills overlooking the only decent road towards their base so we just sent our infantry to attack them giving support to our two tanks who were going to head up the road.
"Let's get into them"
I'm sure they would go faster if all these dice were not in the way.
  Our infantry plodded on towards their objective under fire from Bill and Ray's dug in infantry.As soon as Ray caught a glimpse of my tanks he immediately called in an air strike on my leading tank.I thought it a wee bit hasty but as the tanks were crewed by inexperienced crews the leading tank was brought to a shuddering halt.No damage was done but the crew were shaken and the tank became immobile before an officer and probably a commissar arrived and threatened them with a fate worse than death.
"This is the voice of the mysterons,we know that you can hear us earthmen"
                                     Bill began to bring up his two tanks to deal with my armour which was part of my original plan as I wanted to draw his armour out before revealing my hidden units.
Peering around the corner
                                  Everything seemed to be going to plan until I revealed one of my hidden units and a light went on in Bill's head telling him of my cunning plan to which he reversed his Chaffee tank to engage them.My other unit came charging on into the other flank straight into the camp and went into close combat with a British unit which was hiding behind some cover.The British were soon heading for the hills.No sooner had my men dug in when they were attacked by the allies HQ unit but they were soon dealt with and finally a put together squad of cooks and clerks charged in.They were quickly despatched but all the while my ensconced  squad were being whittled down so that when the Chaffee engaged them my squad just disintegrated.
That's it Ray-Take them off
"What part of I'm gonna shoot you don't you understand(in Korean)"
  For us I'm afraid that was the highlight of the evening for after that it was downhill.My leading tank finally got moving with the help of an officer's boot and the commissar's Tokarev pistol and joined up with the other tank hoping to dispatch Bill's leading tank.Great idea in theory but lousy in practise.a one sided duel took place with both of my tanks being cruelly dispatched and this was interspersed by Ray as his mortar finally hit its target which was one of Colin's infantry squads.
and after!

                            The boot was firmly on the other foot with the allies causing casualties with ease bringing the game to the point where it was worthless to go on.
                              Never the less it was a very good game with Colin saying that the force makeup could do with a little tinkering and myself having to think before charging in.How many times have I been told that in my life.
The Korean war memorial in Washington D.C.It is very eerie even in the sunshine.

                   All figures,scenery and scenario were provided by Colin Jack who also provided us with a delicious Minestrone before or Korean fisticuffs.
Heading for Kirriemuir and their Targe wargames show and since I'm not involved in any game I should have the chance to partake in some of the games.I'll tell you all about it when I get home.
                         See you when I see you.

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  1. Entertaining game - my M26 tank did well - but the base units proved to be useless against the commie infiltrators.