Thursday, 24 November 2016

Nicht so wunderbar!

Wed 23rd November
You wait ages for one and three come along.

                          Floods and heavy frost couldn't stop Bill and I heading out to Garvald but I'm afraid Donald went down with malaria or some other exotic disease so it was suppose to be an unequal sided game this evening but sometimes one leader instead of democratic committees can carry the day which it did this evening until the random victory points were allocated at the end of the game which meant instead of my men carrying the field through overwhelming destruction of the enemy I lost it on the victory random victory points given at the end.
Always thought that women on a boat were bad luck?

Can't get enough boats.
The struggle this evening was a German civil war scenario involving the little known state of Graustark which supported Germany in the First World War.In fact it is that little known that it doesn't exist outside the world of Colin Jack.Also the armed forces of this little state are predominately women and for you people who know Colin will say "What a surprise!"
Leisurely ladies.
Imperial palace and the all female bodyguard.
Last stand.

I was in command of German Freikorps forces supported by a couple of Ukranian units which were making their debut on the battlefield which is usually kiss of death and once again this theory held true.These units were in the vanguard of my army so they drew the initial fire from the enemy in this case some skulking civilians hidden inside a building causing some casualties amongst the Ukranian brethren.Their broken and battered bodies were st
rewn across the bridge entrance but at least they paved the way for the German units who were following up.
Bill's matelots.
I split up my forces with some heading for the other bridge from where I had hoped to attack Bill's harbour and the rest were allocated the job of clearing the buildings.
Mein junge!
                         This set us up for an evening of taking and retaking buildings aand although I lost a few units in the process the enemy lost a lot more.
Local housing committee.
Back alley babes
 My forces on the other side made slow headway against Bill's sailors supported by a machine gun but eventually dislodged them allowing them to proceed into yet another building nearer the imperial palace.
Bavarians at home in the woods.
Target rich environment.
 This was to be the story of the evening with attack and counterattack before the enemy had ceased to exist as a fighting force.
Just making sure
                          One was elated until Colin underhandedly got out the playing cards which decide the ultimate result which went against me-bummer!
                            Apart from that it was a very good game on a very frosty evening.
Didn't get to bring this baby on but thought I'd show you a photo anyway.
                           All the figures,scenery and scenario were provided by Colin.The evening began with a very nice lasagne provided by the lovely Liz who saw it as some form of rehabilitation after her operation of a few weeks ago.
                        Next up is our pirate game taking place in the Gothenburg pub in Prestonpans on Saturday 26th November where everybody is welcome. Be there or be an equal sided rectangle.

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  1. It was a bloodbath- my entire command from Graustard navy were wiped out. The lasagne was excellent.