Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Too much of a good thing

Sat 12th November
SESWG day out-Ian Carter will do anything for 15 minutes of fame.

                     Kirriemuir Wargames club is my favourite game show and I always eagerly  look forward to it and I thought this year would be no exception.Alas this year I was a wee bit disappointed.This year I took a leisurely drive up as I wasn't helping with any display game nor did I have any passengers in my car giving me more time to ponder over games I would be taking part in and all the toys I was going to buy.I was disappointed on both counts.
SESWC's Indian Mutiny game so I can't show any bias
                   Another gorgeous highland morn greeted me as I drove first along the endless dual carriageway that makes its way between my home town of Prestonpans and the turn off allowing me to meander towards the town of Kirriemuir passing Glamis castle on the way.
My 2nd favourite historian albeit not a member of Leuchar's club.
On arriving at the show at about 11 o'clock I thought that I had missed it as there wasn't the usual bustle of visitors as there usually is.Making my way into the venue I found that it was also a lot quieter than I expected especially in the main hall where for the first time I could walk round the games and the traders with ease.Don't get me wrong there were very well put on games but I'm not really into massed pre 20th century battles as I play the type of games where if somebody shoots at me I would like to be given the option to duck.
But Iron Brigades ECW did look good.
                       I was eventually waylaid by the East Neuk Irregulars asking if I like to participate in their game which involved getting a squad of SAS to their helicopter in the jungles of 1965 Borneo-piece of P**s.I must stop thinking that.
Gorgeous helicopter.
                        As I made my way confidently towards the Wessex the only thing that seemed to be in my way were marauding orang utans and a spotless leopard.easy peasy until one of my squad got potted by a blue laser -whit!It turned out my lads had bumped into a 60's predator and I don't mean a drone.
This is gonna be easy-hah!
                          That was my cue to shoot everything and anything with everything I had but I still ended up losing all my squad just within reach of safety-bummer.What I thought would be a walk in the park turned out to be a great wheeze and my congratulations to the East Neuk for putting on a game that Colin Jack woild be proud of and I liked the Wessex.
                          Another game that I had intended to play was Dropzone commander only for the fact my son has bought it and it is gathering dust in his house and I would have liked a run through but c'est ls vie.
I luv and want these buildings
                              Leuchers wargames club put on a version of Custer's last stand where all participants seemed to be wearing indian headbands-Hail to the Redskins.
They died with their boots on!
                         Most periods of history were covered from ancients to scifi with the inbetweeners ranging from English civil war through to Omaha beach stopping off for visits to Middle Earth and the Congo.
Congo not conga
                           I made a few purchases including WW2 Greeks,Indonesians,VBCW naval troops and for a whole £1 the old SPI game "The creature who ate Sheboygan".A classic which I would have paid a lot more for.To the victor goes the spoils.
                          I enjoyed the show bot felt it a bit sedate with a "fin de saison" about it but I'll be back next year.Speak to you soon probably after our pirate day on the 26th of this month.
Time to wipe the grin of Ian's face-aar!

                             See you when I see you.


  1. I completely missed seeing Donald at the show!

    1. He wasn't.The photo is from last game at Hugh's