Friday, 12 February 2016

Onwards And Upwards

Wed 3rd Feb

         Lady Watson turned 21+ today and in celebration we decided to head for the hills or in this case the mountains.The one we had in mind was the Jungfraujoch which is the highest accessible point in the European continent.To cap it all it started to snow for the first time since we had arrived.Snow it did-all day.
Happy Birthday to me
Another thing I like about the Swiss is that they just get on with it without any of the whinging we get in Britain.People just get out and clean paths and station platforms without even thinking about it and the trains still run on time.
I think it's a wee bit lost
           We headed up the mountain this time till we reached Kleine Sheidigg which is the changing point for the train up to the Jungfraujoch.By this time the snow was becoming more intense but onwards and upwards went our train.
             There are stopping points were one can get out and take some photographs.These photo points were situated in the long tunnel leading up to our destination.
               We arrived at the top once again to be met by scores of Chinese.Seemingly the mountain range is twinned with the Huangshan mountains in China.That would explain a lot as they were all over the place.They were even selling pot noodles in the cafe for about £6.00 a go!I saw the same ones for 69p each in Asda.Obviously the Chinese have more money than sense.
            The Jungfraujoch has exhibits about the construction of the railway up to the top of the mountain.There is an Ice palace contained within the complex with ice structures with ice penguins and even an ice igloo.
             Another selling point is the Lindt chocolate factory which is contained within the structure.This gives you the chance to make chocolate and also get to see the experts at work.
             All in all an excellent place to visit even on a snowy day as such.We headed back down the mountain to Wengen with a landscape which resembled something out of Where Eagles Dare.
Tim Watson-News at ten-Looking for Captain Oates
         The day was finished off with an excellent dinner in the hotel restaurant.It was also the chef's birthday so a toast was given to both of the birthday people with the aid of a rose hip liqueur before we headed back upstairs to pack our bags as it was an early start the following morning to catch the plane home from Basle airport.

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