Friday, 12 February 2016

My kingdom for a horse!

Sun 7th Feb

                   My first wargame show of hopefully a full calendar found me at York racecourse without a horse.There may have been no horses but there were lots of games and traders to keep me interested  and that I was.I had ventured south to see what southern traders and clubs had to offer and I wasn't disappointed.

                      On arrival to the show the first game that I seen was a clubs interpretation of the battle of Prestonpans which to me was an eyeopener as it looked slightly different from my hometown.
By the look of the scenery it looked more like a Hollywood interpretation of the town and the battle.I believe the same mode of scenery was used for a previous attack on Leith,a suburb of Edinburgh.I'll let you be the judge.More photos of the battle can be seen at Bill Gilchrist's blog.
          When I go to these shows I look for the games that appeal to me and I could look no further than Back of Beyond.This time put on by the League of Extraordinary Kreigspielers who have created the Setting the East Ablaze rules which I find second best only to Bolt Action.
Another game that took my fancy was the game centred around the siege of the Alamo with every one of the defenders represented which amounted to nearly 200 figures.This game was put on by the Bunker.This I believe is a wargame centre which can be hired out and they put on some splendid games.
                On my rounds of the show I noticed a peculiar game based on a SBS attack on a Russian Krivak destroyer which allegedly contained the nephew of Leonard Brezhnev.
Whatever!This game was put on by MDK gamers and if my memory serves me correctly it was featured in an earlier Wargames Illustrated magazine.

                   One of the traders I spent my hard earned cash( huh says Lady Watson) was at Peter Pig's stall enlarging my Ak 47 army.
          I fancy doing this game as my main table is just about big enough for 15mm and I've always liked the concept of this game and the gameplay is nice and easy especially as I use the earlier rules.This is another game that has been wasted by the introduction of updated rules.I fancy a modern pirate army with RPGs and AK47s instead of muskets and cutlasses.Don't think I'll have to look far for inspiration.
          I also picked up some 28mm figures for the Congo in the 60's.Shades of Wild Geese.
          More pics can be seen on Bill Gilchrist's blog.
That's my roundup of my York trip so I'll speak to you soon.

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