Monday, 22 February 2016

Bohemian Alamo

Thursday 18th Feb.
       A hastily arranged game involving Russian units chasing the retreating French army with a  unit of Czech infantry holed up in a village guarding the only path between two mountains was on the agenda for this evening.Obviously from the chitchat round the table this stems from the new television version of War and Peace having just finished on the BBC.Not having watched it being more of a Hawaii 5-0 kinda guy I went along for the ride.It ended up as a very good evening's entertainment culminating in a rip roaring finale with our side the French edging it at full time but I think if there had been extra-time they Russians would have achieved similar results.
                                   The two sides lined up with Bill,Hugh and Dave O'Brien taking the Russian side with Bart,Ray and myself being French for the evening.Dave(Crockett)Mitchell had the unenvious task of holding out in the village until the Russian reinforcements could arrive.
                                     My fav skulker Donald Adamson was the chief instigator and umpire for this Napoleonic romp through the Bohemian mountains.
                                    Bart was given task of slowing the Russian bear whilst Ray and I chewed the fat on the other side of the mountain.Donald came up with the idea of his fav Frenchman Colonel Gerrard enjoying the carnal delights of a young barmaid in Dave M's village and on overhearing the Czech officers planning to switch sides jumped on his faithful steed and headed of to warn Ray and I's forces waiting like a coiled spring ready in true French style to come to Bart's aid.
Colonel Gerrard arrives with his information about the turncoat Czechs only to be that knackered he takes two turns to brief them.
           Bart's forces which contained the ubiquitous Polish contingent were hammered on all sides by a combination of Bill,Hugh and Dave O'b's forces and held on for a long time being whittled down from three sides and just as they were retreating towards the village Dave M's forces shot him in the back.After a last charge from Russian cavalry Bart's French forces were crushed to the last Pole.
We'll die to the last Pole!
  Up for revenge Ray's and my forces in true Gallic fashion slowly made our way towards the turncoat village ready to exact vengeance upon our one time allies.That we did with a full frontal assault on the village with artillery and cavalry for support at one time annihilating some Russian reinforcements who had the gall to emerge from the attacked village.
                            After a few horrific attempts to clear the village we eventually cleared the Czechs from the village only to be met with the sight of the Russian hordes staring us in the face.Luckily 10.00 had arrived and the full time whistle had blown or else it would have been curtains for the remaining French.
                          A great game put on at the last minute and kept us on tenterhooks right to the end.
                  Bill Gilchrist,Hugh Wilson & Dave O'Brien-the Uncouth Russian bear.

                  Bart Zynda,Mr Ray Neal and myself -les tres galant Francais.

                  Oh and Dave Mitchell-prebehlik!

           Scenario and figs-Donald Adamson
           Figures-Bill Gilchrist

           And to start it all off a nice afternoon tea of petit pain avec jambon et tomates.

           Bart's game report can be found on his blog both in English and Polish.

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  1. Good report Tim. Enjoyable but desperate game to win which you did.