Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The trials and tribulations of Count Von Konstam.

Thursday 2nd July.

                         Tonight's game at the club was an Angus Konstam special with a Russian civil war  sparring match between red and white forces.
                           The loyal communists were controlled by Bill Gilchrist and Campbell Hardie(both red to the core) whilst the white forces consisted of Latvians controlled by Bart Zynda,loyal Russians (with a big Austin-Putilov armoured car for support) controlled by myself.We were backed up by Jack Glanvilles's Freikorp forces.Once again I thought it was going to be easy(I think I was a First World war French general in a previous life).
                                            We moved our forces towards our objectives which was a deserted village(or so we thought).I moved up the armoured car to draw fire,which it did,from all points of the globe.The revolting reds heaviest weapon was a field gun but lucky for me it couldn't see me but that didn't stop the maxim guns and rifles opening up on me.These shots were just laughed of in a pitiful manner.The Russian guns just changed targets and wiped out one of Bart's cossack squads.We played "Setting the east ablaze"rules which can be lethal(no saving throws).
                                          The reds hurried there men on to hold the village as we slowly crossed the board.
                   Jack's Freikorps were ambushed from nearby woods by a squad of local factory workers.This just p'ed Jack off so the workers were shot at and were charged with the usual ruthless German efficiency.
   Meanwhile I pushed my field gun literally inch by inch up a nearby hill to get a better l.o.s.Which it did,consequently fired and hit a crowded village house.A few red sailors in the building started singing Happy trails but they didn't rout.
                            Campbell had placed a maxim gun on the edge of a wood and this gave him a good field of fire over the board which he used to great effect in tying down Bart's forces,and then he was supplemented by a squad of infantry which took a while to dislodge but the maxim gun held on to the end(only because I couldn't move the armoured car up to overrun them due to horrible movement dice).
                    Just before the end of the game Jack got the bit between his teeth and charged the village in good Teutonic fashion and clearing out the first house before finishing time.
 A draw was a good outcome but both sides claimed a winning draw.A good time was had by one and all especially the umpire who was quaffing beer and pink gins like they were going out of fashion.The rules are easy although firing can be bloody and movement sometimes just dire.

Participants:-   Jack Glanville-Freikorps
                      Bart Zynda   -Cossacks,Latvians and Tchanka
                      Tim Watson  -Russians.

                      Bill Gilchrist
                      Campbell Hardie(both reds in the beds).

                      Organising,figure provider,and all round major domo-Angus,Count von Konstam of Orkney.

                      Photos provided by Bart Zynda as my phone has turned petulant.

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