Saturday, 11 July 2015

And on the Third day

Wed 24th Feb

                We concluded our three session game with a night assault on Berwick by the combined forces of the Buf and the Anglicans(unusual bed mates).We used Bolt Action night fighting rules which means you can only see them if they are within six inches or by the flashes of their guns.
                                The pretext for night fighting was that the Southern allied forces had to attack Berwick before Scottish reinforcements arrived from the north.
                                  We played night fighting for six turns and in these turns the Anglican forces managed to clear one of the bridges and take the railway station but never made it too the warehouses as they were checked and pushed back to the railway station.The Scots then counterattacked the station and retook it only to be attacked by veterans of the guard regiment,who again retook it before moving on to attack the defenders in the warehouse who once again stood firm and pushed the guards back.
  Dawn arrived with new hope foe the Scots in the form of airsupport but at least consistency was kept up as the plane in its infinite wisdom decided to attack the newly arrived Scottish cavalry and also pinning nearby infantry.This allowed the Anglicans to cross the small foot bridge but they were destroyed by the rallied defenders.
 Meanwhile as in the last report Donald's sailors were going up and down Berwick's wall like a tart's knickers(my wife's choice of words) and therefore were getting nowhere as especially as Dave was waiting for the opportunity to decimate them as soon as they landed(which was never).
                                          The battle was going to and fro.The allies were once again restricted by the act that only twelve units could be moved in one turn and the Scots couldn't even draw any decent dice.
                                       By the end of the game the Buf had finally taken the station but the Scots still held out in Berwick town.We came to the final moves of the game so the Anglicans brought up their huge Char 2c Black Prince tank(straight out of Indiana Jones) which just arrived at the southern edge of the railway bridge but didn't see any action.I think it would have struggled to cross any of the bridges.
                        A good game was held by one and all.This brings an end to our Berwick triple bill but I'm sure we'll have a crack at it again sometime.We actually used the scenery two weeks later for a Chris Peers Post apocalyptic game which is just a normal Berwick saturday night after the pubs close.

                        Scenario-Tim Watson & Colin Jack
                        Umpiring-Hugh Wilson
                        Scenery-Hugh Wilson
                        Figures-Colin Jack
                        Photos-Bart Zynda & Bill Gilchrist
                        Protaganists-Scots-Dave o'Brien
                                                    Bart Zynda
                                                    Tim Watson

                                                       Donald Adamson
                                                       Bill Gilchrist
                                                       Mr Ray Neal
                                                       Colin Jack

                            And of course once again the evening was began by yet another fantastic repast by Lady Suzanne of Comiston.


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