Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Same s**t different day.

Feb 2015

     A couple of weeks later (one night in gaming terms) the long awaited counterattack on Berwick with a combined force of Anglicans and Fascists arrived.Their plan was similar to the Scottish attack(attacking from the south) with the exception of the naval units who supported by gunfire from a gunboat were this time landed on the north side of the River Tweed.All other ground forces attacked the three bridges.However given that Scots had time to prepare their defences,barriers and tank traps were laid on the bridges.
   Progress as you could imagine was slow.Anglican and Fascist forces managed to remove barriers from the rail bridge but came under fire from Berwick station.Other units began to cross just beside the rail bridge but were wiped out by the station defenders.
               The defenders at the other two bridges held out under heavy fire.Meanwhile Donald (skulking again, must be the Fifer in him) landed on the north shore but found it extremely difficult to climb Berwick's walls going up and down them like a yoyo and to add insult to injury as soon as they had climbed the walls they were ambushed by Dave's armoured car and infantry.

                       Just at the close of play both sides called in airsupport which was a waste of time as both planes attacked their own forces.The AngloFascist plane attacked its own cavalry whilst the Scottish plane attacked their own forces in Berwick castle.Just another sunny day in paradise.
                         The game will be continued where I introduced night fighting(a barrel of laughs).
                          See you when I see you.

           Anglo-Fascist forces-Donald Adamson
                                          Bill Gilchrist
                                           Mr Ray Neal

            Scottish Republic forces-
                                          Dave o'Brien
                                          Bart Zynda
                                           Me,myself and I.

             Umpiring-Colin Jack

              Scenario-Tim Watson
              Scenery-Hugh Wilson

              Figures-Colin Jack

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