Thursday, 8 December 2016

Day of Infamy-Infamay,infamay.They've all got it infamay

IWed 7th December
Pure class

                       Well it is Pearl Harbour day and getting into the pantomime season.

                    Pre Xmas game in Sleepy Hollow-sorry Garvald,the one Xmas tree town saw us being true to the day indulging in a Bolt Action game involving Japanese,Chinese and Americans.
  Five of us turned up including young Isaac Neal who obviously needed a bit r&r before his maths exam at Edinburgh University the following day.

 Sides were chosen with Dave o'Brien taking charge of the Manchukuo infantry(Chinese allies of Japanese),Bill taking care of the Japanese infantry leaving me to care of Japanese naval infantry backed up by some light armour.The opposition was provided with Colin's Seebees supported by armour and the Neal boys taking charge of the remainder which consisted of an awful lot of Chinese
The Neal boys make a plan

                              The game plan was for the Japanese to take over an airfield being built by the Seebees.Dave and I were going to attack the airfield whilst Bill's hordes would deal with the reinforcements.Sounded like a quick evening.How many times have you heard that from me.
The object of our desire

 Our forces moved up to the treeline where we stopped hoping to soften up the defenders with gun and mortar fire before heading across the open ground and victory.
Our plucky armour

                                   It started well for us with the American mortar being eliminated by our own mortar and the defenders taking a few casualties-but not enough.I decided to charge as I had noticed that Colin's defenders had a dice that statingthat  they had already moved but it turned out that was a dice from previous turn that hadn't been moved so being a gentleman and it was his dojo I gave him benefit of doubt which cost me dearly.

 My infantry were whittled down by gunfire before I even reached the target and in the ensuing scuffle were eliminated.
Hand to hand(but a wee bit blurred)

                                   Dave's infantry were being the object of desire from the airfield's other defenders and went down never to play an important part in this evening's festivities apart from being cannon fodder.
"Oh the grand old duke of York"

                          Bill's plan were to storm through the village albeit at a snail's pace hoping to get to grip with Mr Ray and Isaac's forces but it turned into a slogging match with hardly any ground being taken or given.
Bill's boys

More of Bill's boys
Meanwhile my armour was driving up and down the road keeping to cover,looking for an ideal shot before the heavier tanks got their beedy eye on me.
Looking for a gap
  This was how the game was taking shape with a hard slog all around and something was needed to turn the tide which came in the form of air support from both sides.
Bandits at twelve o'clock high

The good guys arrive
  Firstly the allies call on air support but this was delayed so we thought that we had better reciprocate.Our airsupport was called for but not before Colin had called the support down on Dave's infantry who threw caution to the wind and charged towards Colin's defenders but were interrupted by the machine gun fire from the American aircraft being decimated in the process.

Target rich envirnoment
The Neal boys diverted some of their forces to attack our defended treeline and once they came out into the open provided our plane the opportunity to strafe them but didn't do them to much trouble.
"This is how it's done boys"

                       Bill's forces had made slow headway through the town and apart from destroying one of Colin's vehicles we were heading for stalemate and the final whistle with a score draw as the result.
    A nice game to finish our year of Garvald struggles.
                    All figs ,scenery and scenario provided by Colin Jack as well as a scrumptious Biryani complemented by some haggis pakora-an unusual combination.
                             This brings the shutter down on our 2016 figure games but I'm sure I can fit in a game of something before the end of the year.

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