Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Centurion arriveth!

UThurs 26th May.
The object of our desires.

                               Since I missed out on last weeks game due to approaching senility Colin Jack put on an 1956 Arab-Israeli game which was an opportunity for Colin to get a few more exotic toys out.Chief skulker Donald Adamson ventured out into the wilds to join us and to take the part of the Jordanians who had ganged up with Colin's Egyptians against my heavily picked on Israelis.This was to involve the three armies heading to take Jerusalem and protect it from the enemy.
Sorry left my camera in the house.
Donald the Glum Pasha.
Egypt's new recruits.
I already had a unit inside Jerusalem so my plan was to attack the Jordanian unit entrenched in the mosque but just when they were on their starting blocks Colin deemed they couldn't run from one building to another so they just shot them up.About ten minutes later after Colin had consulted the rules it was deemed you could.Talk about arab skullduggery.
Hunting in packs.
               I then decided to split my armour in order to face the oncoming armour rush whilst my infantry and support headed for Jerusalem.
Dying in packs

                                         My main armour headed towards Donald's armour while my two Priests would try and hinder Colin's armour as they struck me as being the lesser of two evils-how wrong I could be.Actually I thought it unusual to have Jewish Priests but I suppose if needs must.Maybe they should have changed the vehicles name to a Rabbi.Anyway enough of the frivolity.
Just twitch!
   Once again the red mist appeared in front of my eyes and I went into hand to hand with Donald's forces and I couldn't roll a decent dice for love nor money and my squad was wiped out.To add insult to injury Donald on the appearance of his next dice decided to take a pot shot at my mortar and lo and behold he wiped out the mortar.It looked like History was going to be changed.
        On my left flank my 3 Amx 10s were fighting a close battle with Donald's two M47s and it turned out to be a battle of armours as my lightly armoured tanks were turned to scrap metal and even an anti aircraft tank got in on the action and wasted one of my tanks as well as annihilating civilians in a local kibbutz.
Rock the casbah!
    Colin's Egyptians entered the game but although destroying one Priest didn't have to much luck as his forces were mostly inexperienced and therefore when they were pinned couldn't add much more to the proceedings.I brought on a Centurion to add to Colin's woes hoping to dispatch his forces before turning to face Donald's Jordanians as the left flank and the road to Jerusalem were open to him.I went for broke and assaulted the mosque succeeded but took a lot of casualties.I followed this squad into the building hoping to hang on till full time.
This is how you do it Dave!
        Donald's tank arrived at the mosque so in true Israeli fashion I decided to close assault him to no avail giving Colin's Egyptians an open door into the mosque where they remained until the end of the game.
Selling palm oil to the Arabs.
        My centurion was making piecemeal of Colon's forces destroying an Archer tank,a Russian assault gun and generally making life hard for the rest of his forces.
This is how you do it Dave-part 2!
   The evening was drawing to a close so I didn't have enough time to deal with the Jordanians before the final whistle went.
And this is how you do it Dave-part 3!
   Once again a great game drawn out of the hat at short notice by Colin.
         The evening's cabaret was proceeded by a sumptuous jambalaya washed down with a glass of Devil's cellar.

Jordanians-Donald Adamson 
Egyptians-Colin Jack 
Israelis-TIm Watson 

   All scenery and figures provided by Colin Jack.

   See you when I see you


  1. Great fun and a very pleasant evening in Garvald.

    The Jordanian dice was kind for the evening, but it has to be said that they failed to help their Egyptian allies very much, if at all -- perhaps historical?

    Donald (Chief Skulker)

  2. Sorry I missed the game and the Devil's cellar due to a virus....