Thursday, 12 May 2016

Carronade 2016-No Teddy Bears were harmed in the playing of this game!

Saturday 7th May
The badge of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force(Army)

                    Carronade rolled around once again and this show had us putting on a display involving a second world war scenario most obscure.Brazilians against Italians in 1944 Italy.I know it sounds more like a football match but they did come into contact during the conflict.
                    Brazil had declared war on the axis forces and sent about 25,000 of their armed forces to support the allies.Although they originally appeared in their home made uniforms they were eventually all knitted out in American uniform and equipment.Their original uniform albeit looked like its American counterpart came in a colour that could only described as Feld Grau(field gray) which wouldn't have gone down very well with their allies.
Various books on hand to enlighten the unbelievers.
             Colin Jack had come back from a holiday in Brazil with an idea to introduce them into our struggles.So armed with Osprey book in hand proceeded to paint up some Brazilian forces supported by some armoured cars and even air support from a P47 Thunderbolt.
              These forces were pitched into battle against some of Campbell's Italians that turned up in true Campbell fashion(at the last minute)to the show.The scenario involved the Brazilians fighting their way across a bridge to engage the Italians on the opposite bank.
                                 The scene was set for an unusual battle fought on which I found out later was actual teddy bear fur which when spray painted in patches looked amazing.
                                    Being in charge of the Brazilians I headed lock stock and barrel for the bridge armoured cars to the fore.Bill being in charge of the Italians fired back with his well dug in Italians causing my advance to come to a grinding halt on our side of the river.
Sneaky Italians!
                                      In true Mediterranean style we stopped for lunch which in true non-Italian style consisted off Scottish sausage rolls and fancy Norwegian water.This gave me a chance to look at the other games on offer and also see what the money burning a hole in my pocket could buy.
Gotham city or Falkirk on any Saturday night.

"We don't need another hero!"
  The games on offer as usual varied from obscure to standard fare.Normandy was being invaded again,Mad Max type game,Batman game(looked good),a humongous Jutland game,various WW2 & WW3 games,various sci-fi
Love this for Necromunda.
,a Tv7 game,aTshushima game(preferred it to the Jutland game as the ships were bigger)and a wild west game.There were other games but these ones to me were the better ones.
World War 2
The What-if replay.
"Your not fighting English fishing boats now!
I played one game which was a card driven game which involved me having a pack of ravenous dogs kept in tether by a lad named Sebastian who could have been the same Sebastian from Blade Runner.
Devil dogs against some of my ex-girlfriends!Poor dogs!
                                              After we reconvened after lunch I went hell for leather to get over this bridge using everything at my disposal including air support which for the first time in a long while hit the target.Must have been Pele's ancestor flying the plane.
                                                As time was ticking on we finally made it across the bridge,having to push some wrecked armoured cars out of the way to get there.Bill was picking of my vehicles willy nilly with his artillery and to add insult to injury brought up an armoured car to inflict more carnage on my dilapidated  forces
Nicholas Cage without his mandolin
.To try and regain some honour I close assaulted one of his buildings only to have them torn apart
Definitely not carnival time!
.A lucky victory for the Italians(not usually words used in the same sentence) but I'm sure revenge will be on the cards when we go for the second leg at Partizan on the 22nd of May in Newark.
Looking forward to Partizan and hopefully the chance to try some of the local ale.To sign of a poster to advertise another memorial pirate game for our Shug and everybody is welcome to come along.We want to see as many of you there as possible and if anybody else wants to put on a game,first come first served.