Sunday, 25 October 2015

Food fight in Conwy

                Sunday 25th October

               Lady Watson planned our annual anniversary disappearance from civilization and this years jaunt was to North Wales,Conwy to be precise.Hoping for a nice quiet getaway from the hustle and bustle we found ourselves in the middle of the local food festival which is the largest in North Wales so we had no problem looking for the weekly rations.Every food under the sun was on offer from fresh mussels to bratwurst with a lot of mulled wine thrown in.

               After checking our accommadation which was out of this world, especially for someone like myself who likes toy soldiers,as there were cabinets with figures of all shapes and sizes as well as other displays of other ornaments and collectibles mainly nautical which again was right up my street.


Our first venture today was to Conwy castle.This was one of the castles built by Teddy the First to keep the locals in check and I must admit it is remarkably well preserved for its age.A nice walk around the castle walls with plenty of pictures taken by myself and Lady Watson.
 After an hour going round the castle walls and interacting with some lads and lassies dressed up in medieval garb complete with hawks,we decided we needed to locate to a local hostelry to try the local ale again.Trouble was that Hobgoblin was on the menu-enough said.
                               After a couple of flagons of ale we headed or home to rest before Monday's trials and tribulations.
                                 Until then I'll see you when I see you.

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