Wednesday, 28 October 2015

A Welsh busman's holiday.

Tues 27th October

                          Lady Watson suggested that since we hadn't seen many trains in the last few weeks(what!)that we should visit and travel on the Blaenau-Ffestiniog narrow gauge railway.I agreed(anything for a quiet life)and we toddled off(by train) to take a trip to Porthmadoc on the narrow gauge.
                    Actually it was not bad.It is a well run setup with plenty of volunteers.We even had a ticket collector who smiled(have to get him medscreened) and we enjoyed some coffee and fruit cake whilst the narrow gauge train slowly meandered its way down to Porthmadoc.

 We arrived into Porthmadoc after about an hour to find the usual British sea side town albeit with some nice shops(and the ubiquitous Edinburgh Woolen mill).Also for the first time in our trip it rained.
 This is usually a good time to peruse the shops.I found an excellent model shop which also sold figures.The shop had an impressive American Civil War diorama set up involving hundreds of figures.I left after a while with my carrier bag full of goodies only to find that the model I had bought was the wrong size,wouldn't be like me.
                                        After a walk around the town we headed to a nice cafe for some sustenance,mainly chicken soup(which tasted an awfully lot like Heinz) and some delicious egg custard flan.Just the job for the trip up the mountain which now due to the rain resembled a Terry Pratchett novel.
                        We arrived back at  Blaenau-Ffestinog  and headed for yet another train.
                         Tomorrow's trip is back  on the castle trail with hopefully a visit to Caernarfon castle.
                           See you when I see you.

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