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Night of the Evil Snowmen

Wednesday 13th December.

                                           "Twas the twelth night before Christmas and not a sound was heard.Just the wailing sound of  evil snowmen dragging their cold hearted souls across the frozen North Pole"

Three pics before the action started.
                                                 Well it's that time of year again when we all look forward to summer after our christmas shopping trip.I decided to put together a pre christmas indulgence involving evil snowmen,a cute looking Mrs Santa,snotlings,exploding penguins,Dr Who'sTardis and lots of guns-typical festive fare!
And they work.

Courtesy of my granddaughters.

"Where's ma Hobgoblin?"
                                        This was a Garvald Studios location shoot in the tiny festive hamlet of Prestonpans involving Colin Jack and Dave O'Brien assaulting Santa's grotto at the top of the world using the 7TV rules adapted for three players.Both attackers were kitted out with a squad of gun toting soldiers backed up by a co-star and star and their mission was to scour the lair of this evil santa hunting for goodies as I made the victory conditions very edible coming in the form of chocolates.
Family get-together.

Anything goes at Xmas

Snotlings abound
                                            The game kicked off with both attackers making their way through the snowy landscape in front of Santa's lair avoiding elf's houses,reindeer and evil snowmen along the way.The object was to keep at least six inches away from the snowmen as this would be their alert zone.Dave being his usual evil self moved one of the snowmen nearer Colin's lads but Colin proceeded to dispatch this one with ease.I'd made the guns armed with incendiary bullets as I thought that this would be an easy way to stop the snowmen.
Dave about to send a snowman Colin's way
Colin's lads enjoying some ice before moving on.

Dave giving Colin a free snowman.

Dave's guys being sneeky.
                                                    Colin thought this was easy until I told him that the snowmen would regenerate from Dr Who's Tardis that he had so thoughtfully provided.
Where's Dr Who when you need him(or her).

Looks like Dave's lads have found the rising sun.

"Does my bum look big!"
                                                       Colin and Dave slowly headed for the grotto entrance shooting at snowmen along the way and if there were no snowmen-each other.I attempted to regenerate snowmen at the end of each turn but the dice rolls weren't going my way.It looked like it was going to be up to the exploding penguins to do some damage as the last line of defence before Santa were the snotlings and they would be next to useless.
Happy Feet!

Snowman about to be dispatched.
                                                         Both squads finally made it of the tundra and headed for the interior of santa's grotto with Colin heading for the main door making sure that the penguins were dispatched before they could do any damage.Dave entered by a side door and cleared the snotlings from the first room earning himself a miniature Bounty bar in the process which he proceeded to scoff rather than keep it till the end of the game.
"After you""No,after you"

"Hunt for the chocolate"

Hoping to get his letter posted to Santa before Xmas eve.
"Oy Vey"Which is Jewish for Holy S**T!
  Colin's squad entered the building only to be met by an exploding penguin which had just regenerated inside the room from another type Tardis.He couldn't destroy it immediatley and so it ploughed into his bunched up lads taking out his star and an extra in the process.His appropriation of a miniature chocolate didn't make up for the loss of his main man.
Colin's lads about to be turned into a snow globe.

Dave's co star looking for a bit girl on girl with Mrs Claus.
                                                 The game was drawing to an end due to the number of random event cards for the game coming to an end.Colin finally cleared the room whereas Dave was rushing down the corridor hoping for some Mano a Mano with Santa Claus but alas he found himself not near enough.He didn't even get a chance to be seduced by Mrs Claus-bummer!
                                              A great game played out with some nice xmas spirit apart from Dave who's apt line at the moment would be Bah Humbug!
                                                      Hope you all have a great Xmas with plenty of unpainted lead in your Xmas stocking and I'll see you all in the new year.

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