Thursday, 16 November 2017

Not Quite Cricket

                   Wednesday 15th November.
Excellent book by Ian's brother.

                               Ventured out to Garvald this evening for a little game of Bolt Action which it seems we haven't played for a wee while.This was to be an Operation Sealion scenario with a little twist as all the figures on the table were British.One side been the dastardly British Union Of Fascists pitted against the plucky Home Guard backed up by a squad of sailors.
Oswald cowers.
"My gallant crew,Good morning"
"Sir,Good morning"

"I hope you are all quite well?"
"Quite well,and you sir?"
                               I took the part of the Home Guard whilst Mr Ray decided to change his political allegiance for the evening and took the part of the B.U.F Oswald Moseley et al!
The officer's love den.
                             The unlikely scenario took the form of Ray's forces attacked the local cricket pavilion in order to steal the local armoury keys from the local defense commander who at the time was indulging in a liason with a local lady of ill repute.
Captain Mannering looking abashed
                                    Mr Ray's forces had a time limit so immediately came storming on to the table in order to get the keys and be off before my lot had stopped for tea.
The bully boys -boo hiss!

And their partners in crime.
                                          Mr Ray's bully boys first headed towards my machine gun which was just minding its own business forcing them to pick up their weopon and head for the safety of the cricket pavilion.The sound of gunfire made my Home Guard squads come to investigate only for one of the fascist squads to cowardly ambush one of my squads and stop them in their tracks.My lads didn't buckle and were soon trading shots with them forcing them eventually to flee.
"Hush hush I hear a Sound!"

And their off.
                                          Meanwhile my sailors headed towards Mr Ray's first bully boy squad but were forced to stop then eventually came to a point where they couldn't even move never mind shoot.
"Come cheer up my lads 'tis to glory we steer"

Definitely not hearts of oak.
                                           My heavy weapons finally arrived in the form of a motorcycle and sidecar armed with a machine gun and also a fabulous lorry with a gun emplaced on its back.
"Vroom vroom"

Knacky wee lorry.
                                              True to Mr Ray's dastardlyness he brought on an armoured car backed up by some fascist police(and I mean literally).This began to trade shots with my lorry before driving round it in order to head for its objective destroying my unusual grenade launcher on the way.
The peril from the rear.

This policeman's lot is definitely not a happy one. 
                                                Mr Ray was on a time limit and concentrated all his forces,Oswald Moseley included towards the goal of seizing the keys from the love struck officer.His bully boys came to a sudden halt with fire from the same machine gun they had made to retreat-sorry made to advance to the rear.
"Plenty of ice in my gin please"

The bully boys stopped in their tracks.
                           Mr Ray's armoured car headed towards the pavilion before coming to a halt.After being bypassed my gun supported by the sidecar machine gun kept Mr Ray's fascist police from causing any damage.
I see no ships?

Honest its a mortar!
                            Two of Mr Ray's support weapons finally started to target my squad in the open but apart from one casualty didn't really hinder them as they prepared to assault Moseley's party who had just ensconced themselves in the cricket pavilion helping themselves to a couple of pink gins along the way.
Ready to finish it 

A wee bit costly though.
                                    The short game came to an end after Oswald's party were defeated in hand to hand combat by my gallant home guard albeit with a few casualties along the way.
                                       A nice fast game enjoyed by one and all and it was great to see all the unusual British equipment along the way.
                                             My thanks to Colin Jack who once again contributed all the figs.scenery and scenario as well as a nice repast of pasta before hostilities commenced.
                                               We hope to try another Sealion scenario next week.
                                                Watch this Space!