Friday, 5 May 2017

Big Trouble in Little Garvald

Wed 3rd May
The evil Sakura(Sounds better than Cherry Blossom)

                         Not wishing to waste Colin's scenery which had been set up for a previous game I nipped up for a game of "Fistful of Kung Fu"which just meant swapping Venice for some backwater port in the far east festooned with humongous amounts of bad guys.
Downtown Wherever
ready to Shanghai some unsuspecting bystander
                            Tonight's plot involved the evil Yakuza gang commanded the local Oyabun Sakura kidnapping my hero Tequila Sunset's girlfriend and taking her to his hideout
"Can you tell me is there a Rick's Bar franchise here?"
                                The game started with two goons kidnapping Tequila's girlfriend who had just arrived back at the local subway having spent all her yen at the nearby Primearnie.Her shopping bags were dropped as she was dragged away kicking and screaming towards the bad guys' lair.
The unsuspecting waif

The well armed waif.

They didn't even pick her shopping bags up.
                      As a way of support Sakura and a car full of his sidekicks headed toward the kidnappers to provide backup whilst their bruiser Dayjob sauntered in his own indomitable way through the streets towards his boss.
The bad guys on the move
Mee Maw Mee Maw
                        Meanwhile Tequila and his sidekick had commandeered a police car and with two constables cowering in the back sped towards the kidnappers leaving a trail of civilians and  SWAT team members trailing in their wake.
Boys in Blue.
                              First blood went to the bad guys as after my bruiser had left the now stationary car he was mercilessly gunned down by Sakura's well placed shot and was left writhing in the dust,out of the game.
Keeping a safe distance.

Bruiser down.
                    After Tequila witnessed this execution he slowly made his way toward's the bad guy's Chevy Camaro stopping off for a shot which luckily struck the Camaro's fuel tank causing it to explode and eliminating three bad guys from any more part in the game.
Tequila Sunset gets out car

Realises the bad guys can shoot and heads for cover.

What a beut!Chevy Camaro
Should've bought a diesel one.T
   Sakura merely dusted himself down,laughed and headed towards Tequila.Tequila was hoping for some support from the two policemen in the back of the car due to some bad dice rolls were quite content to avoid the shooting match that was taking place around Sakura's burning vehicle.No sooner had one of them appeared out of the car he was shot down in his prime making the other one stay put.
Tequila's support arrives.
                           Meanwhile the two kidnappers were dragging the girl nearer to their goal when tequila took a shot leaving only one kidnapper remaining to deal with even more kicking and screaming girl.
One of my SWAT guys puffing away.
                       One of my SWAT team finally made it over the bridge only to incapacitated by the deadly aim of Sakura but this gave me an opportunity to close with Sakura with Tequila
setting us up for a nice manno a manno martial art fight to determine the outcome of the scrap.
                      The two combatants got down and dirty with no quarter given and after a few setbacks Tequila started to get the advantage and finally came out on top as the Oyabun headed back towards his lair to lick his wounds.
Start of the big battle

Up close and personal.

Tequila being thrown over the car
                              To add insult to injury the hostage captor came into line of sight of my shotgun armed SWAT lad and was promptly dispatched leaving the hostage time to kick him when he was down and finally use the knife she kept behind her back to inflict even more injury.Dayjob finally made it into the scrap just as the final whistle blew.
"Take the goddam shot!"

Bingo!Game over!
                 A very good game using Osprey rules that we haven't used for about three years and our rustiness showed.I'm looking forward to another game very soon.

                  Figs and scenery provided by Colin Jack with my gang and police car coming from my own collection.The police BMW was actually bought on the Victoria Peak in Hong Kong showing how far I have to go to get decent models.Colin also provided a nice repast using one of his mother's stand by recipes.
                        See you when I see you with pictures from the upcoming WW2 experience day at East Fortune.

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