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The Goth's Judgement Day

StarDate 2216-01-07

Region-Barren wastes of Prestonpans.

                  This piece has been sponsored by Necro News where our motto is that if it is not fit to be published it will be published!

                              This one time prosperous area of Terra was today ravaged by appearances of hordes of mutated animals and gross human forms supplemented by the appearances of Chaos Marines teleported in from the other side of the galaxy
Prestonpans 2216-nothing's really changed.
                                  The local gangs and warlords were as in the early part of the 21st century the first line of defence against these incursions.
22nd century Prestonpans was a far cry from the quiet Edinburgh suburb of 2 centuries previous but after being combined by an alien infested government  100 years previous into a mass urban sprawl that had Mega City as its twin town, it has turned into a barren landscape infested by alien species and fauna,ruled over by the various gangs and factions as the civil population had long since headed for the sunnier climes of other planets.
Sam Burn's yard 2216 style.
                                     Anyway enough of the bedtime stories.Colin Jack in his infinite wisdom has decided to make an honest woman of Liz so we thought that  we had better arrange some form of stag do but since the youngest of our motley crew was in his late thirties the idea of flagons of ale,exotic dancers and being handcuffed to a lamppost were definitely not on the agenda."How about a game of Necromunda chaps?"stated Dave O'Brien.""Spiffing!"came the reply so a game was set up in what is fast becoming a very popular venue for us.So after meet and greet Bacon rolls and coffee we divvied out all the gangs and proceeded to purge 22nd century Prestonpans of its new incomers.
                             There were 7 participants overseen by Dave and myself and what a motley crew they were.
"So how's the life of a rock star Ray?-All Snacks and Candy Mike!"
                      Previous pirate game winner Dave Paterson turned up with his Cawdor gang looking to retain his winning run.On the other side of the table Bart was still festering over his close defeat by Dave P so we gave him one of the quietest gangs around-Redemptionists,who just hate everybody and are just at their best cleansing and burning their way through life.
                        Mr Ray being a rock star was given a gang of cultists recently excellently painted by my son Stephen.He gets his painting ability from his mother definitely not me.Our favourite interplanetary accountant Donald appeared obviously enticed by the thought of a bacon roll.
                      Dave's o'Brien's pal Bill was given a force of Tallarns who went by the name L.R.D.G-The Long Range Dessert Group but were definitely no soft centred muffins.  Mike P being definitely Mr Macho was given a Goliath gang hoping that he would build on his previous victory and last but not least the man of the moment,Colin,decided to stick to the norm and sent his Escher girl gang into the fray.
                           The morning's play was going to take the shape of the gangs dealing with the incursions both internal and external with the use of playing cards to determine which unhuman life forms appeared throughout he table.
                                 Dave P's gang hoping to build on his previous game came face to face with a chaos marine in his first random encounter suitably accompanied by some sly sniggering from Bart.The scene was set.In typical gang fashion he fired at it with everything he had but it all just bounced off the marine who just cackled with every hit but in true David and Goliath fashion was dispatched by a lowly juve armed with a measly pistol.That put the smile back momentarily on Dave's face especially with the 300 points he had just gained.
                                Mike decided to climb up high in order to gather any loot and shoot everything from the safety of his high perch which went okay until he was confronted by a s**tload of giant rats straight out of a James Herbert novel.This didn't seem an obstacle until his leader's melta gun decided to dry up.His men now became ratbait.
Who ya gonna call?
                               Mr Ray must have felt at home with all these groupy type zombies and mutants heading for him and none of them wanting an autograph.He started off well but then his heavy weapons started to malfunction and the age old curse of newly painted figures came back to haunt him as his gang started to dwindle.
Typical a gang.s first outing and wasted
                                 The other side of the table was a bit more sedate with the trio of forces belonging to Colin,Donald and Bill were slowly making their way on to the table interspersing killing mutants with having a general chit chat and enjoying the ambiance with Donald worrying about whether his beloved Dunfermiline Athletic could cope with his absence(they did they won 2-0).Colin was hoping to gain a few creds obviously needing to re-equip his gang with replacement stockings and lipstick.Well a girl has to still look her best in 23rd century Prestonpans.A bit different from 21st century P/pans.Bill although an expert toy mover and dice roller was still getting used to the vagaries of the game and the present company.That would change over some ale and a delicious lunch.
                       And Bart he just cleansed and burned everything in his path which is just a normal day at the office for him. Whether it be redemptionists,T34s or Polish cavalry there is only one plan-go forward and kill,kill,kill.
                        Lunch arrived served up by my favourite barmaids and the morning's play was debated over some nice steak pie and curry(not on the same plate).
Look Dave,my gang is going to rape,kill and eat your gang but not necessarily in that order.

Care in the community
                                   The afternoon's play got underway with extra characters being handed doled out to every player ranging from ratskins,bounty hunters,underhive scum. Lo and behold Colin ended up with Mad Donna Ulanti for his sins.
"Like a virgin"
                                 Once again the aim was to head into the centre of the table fighting off even more mutant incursions along the way to seek the 30,000 point holy grail which was hidden amongst some radioactive mist waiting to be captured for the greater good.
                                  Mike had become stagnated up in the upper reaches debating calling Rentokill to get rid of his rat infestation that was confronting him.Mr Ray was wondering why the entire rock band Kiss(both past and present) were heading his way making him eventually bottle out and head for the safety of the nearest bar.
                                 Colin's ladies were heading for the centre ably bolstered by Mad Donna only for her to come to a sticky end  melting into a glorious heap of molten makeup.Donald's Dunfermiline boot boys effortlessly made their way through ruined buildings infested with some alien plant life dispatching mutants along the way, only to be confronted by an appearance out of thin air by a chaos marine but once again due to a salvo of shots and lucky dice rolls managed to reduce him to scrap metal.
I wonder how the Pars are doing?Quite well without you Donald,and Bill's pondering why Genestealers have lots of claws-the more to shred you with.
                        Bill meanwhile enjoying a nice sedate afternoon enjoying everybody's company was confronted by the sight of a genestealer heading swiftly in his direction which made a few of his Desserts desert.His attempts to dispatch this creature with a rocket merely made the shell go the same way as his men to the rear.
                              Dave P's initial success was the highlight of his day as his men in their endeavour to reach the hidden prize seemed to walk into every trap,gurgling pool and every ambush out there making his gang the first to head for the hills.To make up for his disbelief he was given charge of the Planetary Law and Order Department or P.L.O.D for short hoping he would arrive and arrest Bart's Redemptionists who were just cleansing and burning which  should be at least be worth 20 hours community service.As has just been said Bart was just igniting everything in sight in true Bart style.
"When the foeman bears his steel!"

"We uncomfortable feel-Tarantara!"
Near the end of play the mist in the centre of the table dissipated to reveal an inactive chaos dreadnaught as the object of everybody's desires but there was no time for anything other than admire its form as darkness and the final whistle had descended on sleepy Prestonpans with an almighty victory through cleansing and burning by oor Bart.
Donald wondering if he can get the dreadnaught tax free?
Another day of burn,burn,burn.
                            A great day was had by one and all and was complemented by some  excellent cuisine and a few flagons of ale which were  brewed on the premises.
                            Although a few ales were consumed coffee was provided throughout the day by our hosts making it a bit more sedate than the bride to be's hen party in nearby North Berwick where I believe a fair part of the world's red wine was consumed.
                              Most of the scenery and figures were supplied by my partner in crime Dave O'Brien,a lot of which was used a long time ago in a galaxy far away and should be familiar to Necromunda players of yorn.I chipped in with some scenery and figs whilst my son Stephen who couldn't be there due to work schedule provided the cultists and a couple of excellently painted chaos marines who albeit turned into cannon fodder.
                       We hope to have another get-together in a couple of months for another multiplayer game with ideas of either Back of Beyond,gangsters,cowboys or some other suggestion.
                              See you when I see you.

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  1. It was amazing day Tim. Thank you for making it possible!