Thursday, 13 October 2016

Liberator to Galactica

Thurs13th October
The ship before the decks were revealed

                       Garvald awaited us again last night with a very interesting game from Colin's repertoire.We continued with a game using Chris Peer's Future Wars rules that we had used for the first time three weeks ago.Bill Gilchrist,we were led to believe was going to read the rules and make it easier for us to play them through.I'm afraid due to other commitments he didn't have a chance so we ploughed through them as best as we could.
It's amazing what you can do with Thunderbird 5 and Bionicle
                             No 1 rockstar Mr Ray Neal also joined us for our evening's entertainment which literally took us to the stars.Colin had unearthed a six foot long spaceship that the master creator Shug had constructed from a filing cabinet.The drawers of this cabinet had been transformed into individual decks and hangars complete with scenery to give an impression of a ship heading through space 'Nostromo'style.This setup had been shown at a show and was about to be used for the first time since then.The figures used were from the old Blake 7 series with members of Battlestar Galactica making up a lot of the crew with some Enterprise figures bringing up the rear.
The Alien's dropship appeared for a picture shoot.
                      Mr Ray and I took the side of the Federation whilst Colin and Bill were Blake's 7 backed up by a few other characters.There were also some NPCs roaming about the ship minding their own business until they interacted with the main characters.
Bad boys,bad boys what you gonna do when they come for you?
                         In this game you roll a 20 sided dice to see who goes first and true to my recent form I couldn't even roll a total of 10 in the first four game turns.Colin was my main adversary through the evening and we ended up having a stand up fight in one of the rooms onboard the ship ending up with me getting a bloody nose.
"Hi there Missy"
    Mr Ray and Bill made their way towards the ship's bridge very slowly stopping of to scare various crew members away and also Bill entrapped a poor guy who was minding his own business and drinking his coffee.
How to convert Mousetrap into a space drive.

               Meanwhile back at the ranch Colin and I were still locking horns but in the end his better trained fighters got the better of me and I found myself down to two men.Even the great Travis headed for the hills.
Fisticuffs at ten paces.
               After the fight Colin headed for the bridge hoping to secure victory.Hugh had built some lifts in order to move between decks and this allowed him to move straight onto the bridge and my only defender was Galactica's Starbuck(the female not Faceman)who although gave a good account of herself was fed to the spacefishes.
Bridge to far.
                        Meanwhile Bill had used the power of Orac, a supercomputer,to teleport his figures into the bridge to altercate with Admiral Adama and Colonel Tigh.Meanwhile Mr Ray's squad which included the gorgeous Servilan eventually joined up with the remnants of my squad and we were about to head for the bridge when full time was called.
                         Once we comprehend the rules better they should make for a fast game although Mr Ray has his doubts.
"Are you sure this is the Galactica?"
                 See you soon.Live long and prosper!.
And they all retired to the bar.

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