Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Nihon e yokoso

UWednesday 28th September 
Welcome to Japan and what a fantastic place and people.The moment we arrived on Monday we have fell in love with the place and that was after an eleven hour flight combined with a one and a half hour flight from Edinburgh.The place is so civilised and the people can't do enough for you.
                After a nice meal Japanese style,ie everything just turns up when it's ready so we just ate it when it came regardless of etiquette.First time I've ever chosen fish by being presented with a large tray of fresh fish to select from.
       The following day we indulged in the ubiquitous bus tour stopping off amongst other places an Anime cafe for two enormous club sandwiches that even I couldn't finish.Lady Watson ended up eating pink rolls stuffed with pork burger and scrambled egg.
           Amongst other stop off points was the Asakusa temple and shrine.More pics to follow.Heading for Koyota next for a few days.No doubt more temples to come.

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