Saturday, 2 July 2016

The Camera bounces high.

Sun 19th June
All roads lead to.

        First morning and the weather forecast was spot on in fact it was just like home albeit with the locals walking about without the humongous chip on their shoulder.It was designated a chill day with an afternoon daunder round the village.Papers and board games were perused after breakfast and  before cabin fever set in  we decide to look around the village before heading for a welcoming hostelery.
No it's not a batchelor pad.
Well I don't know
            We visited both sides of harbour before heading along a coastal path towards Penzance until it came to sudden stop so therefore we retraced our steps and headed back along the path into Mousehole just in time for the fun to begin.
        After taking a few photographs on her camera,the camera decided inexplicably to fly out of Lady Watson's hand,bouncing  off the path higher than my son's basketball  and ending up in a rock pool totally submerged.We rescued it in a flash(daddy joke for my daughter) but the damage had been done.We immediately took out the battery and the memory chip and after drying out both of them they both proceeded to work but the actual camera was a lost cause.
The last pic before the camera took a nose dive.
        After a few expletives the shoulders were shrugged and we headed off to a local hostelery to drown our sorrows and use their wifi to hunt down another camera for Lady Watson.We found one courtesy of Argoos and ordered it so we could pick it up the following day from downtown Penzance.We decided to have a couple of foaming ales  to commiserate the demise of the camera and also celebrate the ordering of a new one all in the space of an hour.
Local gift shop-definitely not tacky!
          I realised that this drinking den was actually the local British Legion.Looking around the walls I found a memorial plaque to the Penlee lifeboat disaster of December 1981.
           On the 19th of December 1981 the Solomon Browne lifeboat was launched from Penlee lifeboat station just north of Mousehole in order to go to the aid of the Union Castle which was only 5 days into her maiden voyage. The vessel started  drifting and what happened after that remains a mystery but all souls were lost from both vessels.As you could imagine it wasn't the best Christmas in Mousehole that year but fair play to the people of Mousehole 8 volunteers stepped forward within a few days to replace the lost crew.More pics about this disaster to come later on in the week.
And they would do it again!
       After the consumption of a few ales we headed back to the Netloft for dinner consisting of cold chicken and baked potato supplemented by an awful lot of salad.The good thing was that it was washed down by a couple of bottles of Proper Black which is the local form of Nigerian lager and a viewing of Pirates of the Carabbean setting us up for the rest of the week.
        See you when I see you.

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