Sunday, 31 January 2016

Switzerland or bust

Saturday 30th January
        Lady Watson likes to get away for her birthday and this year was no exception but this year I was a bit self indulgent as we headed for Switzerland and the Jungfrau region.Which just so happens to contain the Schilthorn mountain which is topped by the Piz Gloria made famous when it was used in the film On Her Majesty's Secret Service.Now you know where my self indulgence comes from.
             We decided to come by train as it gave us the opportunity to see a bit more of France and Switzerland.This involved six trains of varying styles from high speeds to the mountain rack railways of Switzerland.We started off from Edinburgh on Thursday afternoon,stayed in London overnight so we could catch the first Eurostar to Paris which was nice and quiet.
The taxi trip was the usual Paris taxi trip driven by the usual one time racing driver.
A brief respite in Gare de Lyon was followed by a pleasant trip through the French countryside courtesy of a Tgv calling at Dijon(and not a jar of mustard in sight) and then on to Basle where we caught a connection to Interlaken.
By this time darkness had fallen and the rest of the train journey seemed uneventful apart from the mode of transport which was a rack railway all the way to the mountain village of Wengen where our base of operations where to be found-Hotel Edelweiss.This hotel was just as I imagined it would be with the large chalet look from the outside and the minimalistic interior look that I love about Central Europe.
            Since we had been traveling all day it was just a matter of dinner and the turning in for a good night's sleep in anticipation of the morning view from our south facing bedroom.
                Gute Nacht Von Wengen

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