Sunday, 29 November 2015

A Trio of Goodies

Sunday 22nd November

                     Sorry for delay but the preceding weeks have just seemed pass in a blur but back to full form with three games this week all from different eras.
                      Wednesday's game was a rollicking journey back into the French Indian wars with a Musket and Tomahawk scenario devised by Bill Gilchrist involving both British and French trying to hold onto their own villages whilst attacking their enemies

  In true democratic fashion I was elected leader of the British whilst I was out of the room.I've always thought that democracy was a sham.My partners in crime were Donald Adamson and Dave Mitchell.Pitted against us were Colin Jack,Hugh Wilson and Martin Gibson with Bill Gilchrist umpiring.We were informed that we may have some reinforcements providing their owner,Ian Carter could get away from work.

                      Both sides had the same idea,leave some defenders in the village and attack the enemy village with the bulk of their forces.
                       My allocated musket armed militia headed for the nearest enemy village with the usual intention of burning it to the ground.This was also the intention of my allies.

                       No sooner had I left the village when I entered into a firefight with Colin's French Canadian marines who had similar intentions.

                        My allies met with similar fates as Dave's men had to head up a mountain pass only to be met by French Indians halfway up whilst Donald although starting out well began to suffer a few casualties.

                           Battle continued all over the table with Martin charging down his mountain and getting to grips with Dave's militia taking a few casualties in the process but eventually forcing them back into the woods.
                             Donald's newco Rangers were sparring with Hugh's indians in another corner and my militia were going head to head with Colin's marines and his Coureurs des Bois(French toughguys).

                  Colin had to leave just in time for Ian Carter to arrive with his British reinforcements to help kick the indians' and marines ass.This appearance brought Bill into the game with some skulking indians who had developed an ability to climb cliffs much to the consternation of Donald as he is usually the one doing the skulking.
                                                     The evening drew to a close with no one looking like being a clear victor therefore the game is continuing next week.Watch this space.

                        Tim Watson-Militia
                        Donald Adamson-Newco rangers
                        Dave Mitchell-Militia

                        Colin Jack-Marines & Coureurs des Bois
                        Hugh Wilson-Indians
                        Martin Gibson-Indians

                        Scenery-Hugh Wilson
                        Figures & Umpiring- Bill Gilchrist

                        And not forgetting Lady Suzanne for providing yet another excellent pre-match meal.

                       My second game occurred within 24 hours with a Rapid Fire game which had been postponed from the previous week due to work commitments.This was a late war sparring match taking place in Poland just before the end of the war.
                       I lined up my own German Tigers and Pz 1vs against Bart's humongous amount of Russian tanks and infantry.My main object was liberate some looted treasure from a village in Poland back to the safety of the Fatherland.I managed to get three lorry loads off the map and also destroy nearly all of Bart's armour but in true sneeky Polish fashion that was his plan using the destruction of his armour as a distraction for his true dastardly deed.Ah what the heck,it felt better to destroy all his tanks as the treasure was bound for the Fuhrers pockets.For a detailed account both in English and Polish see Bart's Blog page.
                        I finished my busy week by heading for Kirriemuir and my last games day of 2015,Targe,provided by the local club.Apart from my own club's show(which I have to shift an awfully lot of tables at)I like Kirriemuir the best as a nice small,well organised showw set in the idyllic Angus countryside.We had a nice trip up on a nice fresh morning without any problem.My passengers were Colin Jack and Hugh Wilson who was pedaling his wares yet again(he always makes money but always seems to go away with as much stuff as he came with).When we arrived we all took care of our priorities.Colin was judging,Hugh setting up his stall and of course I headed for the coffee and bacon rolls.
                            There were plenty of traders and games to keep everyone happy even although a couple of clubs couldn't make it due to the first snows of winter.
                             We had games featuring the 1715 battle of Preston,Thirty years war,WW2 in the Pacific and North Africa,Indian mutiny,our own galley participation game from a previous blog,another participation game featuring Jurassic park but my favourite was the Angus wargames club of Ronin,a samurai skirmish game which I had been invited to take part in and I thoroughly enjoyed it so much so that I ended up buying a lot of Japanese buildings and scenery.I think the Angus boys should be claiming some commission.

The Leuchars club were continuing their WW1 campaign game which I covered in the Claymore blog and I was still alive-amazing-only to be potted in the last half hour of the year long campaign-rats!See Bill Gilchrist's blog for more Targe photos'
                              A good day was had by one and all and we all left very contentedly after the show with another no problem drive south.Hugh was rich,Colin happy not to have driven as he had driven the same trip the previous week and I was happy with my purchases and looking forward to my own samurai game.
                               As I said next weeks game is a continuation of last weeks Musket and Tomahawks game.Time to get some injun scalps.I'd call them Redskins but I've been told that name is rascist-aye right.Hail to the Redskins.

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