Thursday, 25 June 2015

Lundy Island(or just Puffin crazy)

Wednesday 24th June

Tonight was the culmination of the V.B.C.W double header.Guns that had been put on board a submarine heading for somewhere in Britain finally arrived at Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel prior to being shipped out to some needy customer or so that was the plan.

Participants this evening were-

Colin Jack- Buf
Dave o'Brien- Buf

Bart Zynda- Polish Anglican league
Mr Ray Neal- Connecticut Anglican league

Hugh Wilson-Nelson Colmon Harris-owner and dictator of Lundy
Donald Adamson-Submarine and landing party(all round scurvy knave).

The guns arrived off the north coast of the island but whilst they were being put ashore onto waiting carts the peace was shattered by a double invasion by factions also interested in some extra firepower.
               The south of the island was invaded by two platoons of Buf infantry supported by a Beaverette armoured car whilst two platoons from the Anglican faction were landed on the east of the island.Both factions were hoping for easy pickings.It is true when they say that any battleplan only lasts until the first bullet.
             Both Buf platoons stormed ashore only to be met by gunfire from a garrison squad located in the south lighthouse.This was overcome with difficulty before the advance continued albeit very slowly.
                                                   Meanwhile the Anglicans came ashore and immediately Bart came into contact with some more of Hugh's garrison.Meanwhile his partner in crime Mr Ray moved towards the northern lighthouse only to be met with accurate fire from the submarine's gun which had a spotter on top of the northern lighthouse.This wiped out his mmg beore easily moving its fire towards one of the infantry sections.
                                                    Down in the south the Buf were at last getting to grips with the garrison in the village,finally clearing them from all the buildings stopping for lamb pasties and a few ales in the local tavern.
                                 Donald happily spent the first half of the game shelling Mr Ray  from the comfort of his submarine ignoring the fact that his victory condition was to deliver the guns to Hugh at his mansion halfway down the island.Mr Ray feeling the pressure decided to call for airsupport which duly arrived and proceeded to attack the Buf in the south of the island-not his intended target.The Buf lost a few casualties which prompted their advance to stall even more.
                               The garrison by now was being whittled down as it was being attacked by the other two factions and made its last stand in the middle lighthouse waiting on support from the submarine which never arrived as they were to busy shelling Mr Ray.Eventually Mr Ray's recrewed mmg got their act together and began to to pepper the spotters in the lighthouse giving them time to advance and wipe out one of Donald's sailor squads.
                                                               After a while Donald thought that retreating back to the sub with all the guns was going to be the better act of valour,obviously going to transport the guns elsewhere.This seemed to be going to plan until the last desperate acts of the other factions were to call in airstrikes.
                       The Anglican plane was delayed but the Buf plane attacked and promptly sank the submarine consigning all the crates to be dumped on the bottom of the Bristol Channel.

                                           An enjoyable game enjoyed by all participants with a brilliant ending.
                                            Rules used were Bolt Action with some tinkering done by myself to accommodate six players.

Scenery-Hugh Wilson
All figures-Colin Jack
Boats-Hugh Wilson,Colin Jack and myself
Scratchbuilt submarine-Hugh Wilson(from model railway platforms and various food containers)
                                             Apologies as I used a bit of poetic license with Lundy Island but my wargaming philosophy is that Hollywood takes precedent over history.
                                            And of course the evening was made more enjoyable by a very nice curry before the game started provided once again by Lady Suzanne of Comiston.

More pictures will be added when I receive them from other participants as mine were taken from my iphone and it shows.Good photos courtesy of Dave o'Brien.


  1. Tim that game was great, finally I wasn't put one against the rest and Tim I will put my report Tommorow on my blog, so you can use my pictures too.

  2. Thanks for that, good fun.