Sunday, 31 May 2015

Off the Florida keys,there's a place called Kokomo

Wed 27th May
VBCW in the Florida Keys(there's a place called Kokomo).

This evening's game was the first part of a two parter.
Tonight guns were being moved towards Key Largo in order to be shipped to Britain.
The Polish mob under the guise of  Bart,our favourite Pole,were moving guns in a convoy and were to be intercepted by various factions including the real mob,national guard,state troopers,local police,local gals and inhabitants of the local shanty town.It made for an interesting evening of backstabbing and half-naked woman.A recipe for success!Rules used were Legends Of The Old West with added rules for vehicles and machine guns.An excellent set of rules for the not so serious.
The guns started moving with Bart having high hopes for an easy evening,especially as he had got into cahoots with Donald(the mob's accountant) but not for long.
The convoy was stopped by the local police using a patrol car as a roadblock.A firefight ensued and although the police squad was whittled down to an extremely heroic police sergeant enough time was bought for the mob,who had sent one gang to catch up with and eventually join the firefight with everyman for himself.The accountant's other gang were involved in a running gun battle with first the state troopers and then the national guard.
Meanwhile the local co'eds were biding their time filing their nails and checking that their hair was in perfect order.This was done under the guise of their Svengali (also known as Colin).
Eventually after a few rounds of shooting Bart decided that if he wasn't going to win he would just reverse the cargo truck into the nearest piece of water under the pretext that if he couldn't win nobody would.Trouble it was all a bit of a ruse as the guns had already been stowed on board a submarine and were heading eastward towards Britain.This didn't stop everybody getting involved in a firefight in order to find out what the cargo was on board the truck. Even Colin's co-eds got involved in the fight, they obviously knew that the cargo on the lorry was silk stockings.

 A good game which involved different fractions with different agendas.  The rules worked well with the introduction of randomness, due to the use of a pack of card.

This game will continue in four weeks (due to the umpire going on holiday ie me) which should give the guns ample time to reach their destination, which at this moment is Lundy island, but one never knows, the weather could change this destination.

PARTICIPANTS (Some will be known to you)

Tim Watson - Umpire and divisor of this ingenious plot
Bill Gilchrist - State troopers and national guard
Donald Adamson - The mob's accountant
Bart Zynda - The Polish mob
Colin Jack - Colin's co'eds
Hugh Wilson - Local Police also the architect of another of his fantastic tables

The figures and vehicles were provided from the collections of Colin Jack, Donald Adamson and Hugh Wilson, Who once again done a wonderful job from my hastily drawn sketches.
Also thanks must go to Lady Wilson of Comiston, who provided an excellent repast of Ratatouille pasta.


  1. Wow nice background there, good report and lovely pictures.

  2. WOW! What a great table, fab figures and super vehicles. Good stuff, loved it.

  3. Great looking table, been looking for ideas for making a table for Pulp/VBCW/INEPPT and you have given me loads! Could you let me know how you made the terrain tiles are they square on two edges and then sloped/curved on the other two?
    Richard P

    1. I asked Hugh and he said he found them in a builders skip.He's a helluva scrounger.

  4. Great bit of scrounging.
    Richard P