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Morte a Venezia

Wed 5th April

                      Last minute game arranged for tonight as Bill's wife Helena had to nip back to Moscow to take care of some business so Bill was at a loose end so what setting did we have for our game when your wife is in Russia,why Italy of course namely Venice.
No real difference from the above picture

A couple of picture postcard views.
                      Colin had wanted to play a Victorian game based on In Her Majesty's Name for a wee while so I turned up expecting a nice London based game.I've known Colin for some time and have realised a long time ago his games are never the norm and tonight was no exception.
Downtown Venice

                        Colin had used this game for the premier showing of his new Venitian buildings which as you can see are amazing and with the addition of all the happy Italians going about their daily business made for a very nice setting.
The Bridge of Size!

"Altogether now!"
                      Our gangs however were all about as unItalian as could be.Colin's gang in his usual manner consisted of Teutonic girl sea cadets from the Arsenale Cadet Company led by Corto Maltese,a comic book Italian sea capitan.Bill's company consisted of the Ottoman Counter Intelligence Service consisting of some rough looking Turks suitably attired with the ubiquitous Fez led by Bashi Karabekir,all round good guy.Having seen these two companys I thought how novel mine was going to be and I wasn't disappointed.My gang consisted of the crew of the airship Harmony who looked an awful lot like Malcom Reynold's crew from Firefly and complete with the same names.
The Harmony with a Belgian flag of Inconveniance
Some well known faces.
Colin's Signorinas

Turkish Undelight
                    The object of the game was the usual shooting and looting this time around the Piazzas and vicolos(alleys) of downtown 19th century Venice.
Newly married chap checking the small print in the newly fresh marriage certificate.
                           Object markers were scattered around various points of the board and certain ones corresponded with certain artefacts of differing point values.
Bill's mob pushing their way through the seething throng.

My guys out for an evening stroll taking in the ambiance.
                             The starting gun was sounded and off we headed for all the markers that were on display interspersed with trying to get your opponents into firing range.The rules of the game are very basic consisting of the usual moving and shooting and after all the markers on the peripheries were quickly accounted for all gangs headed towards the central piazza for the inevitable brawl.
Typical Turks shooting and looting.

                     Bill's company gathered all the markers in the park and headed over one of the canal bridges knocking innocent bystanders out of their way in pursuit of glory for the Ottoman Empire whilst Colin's company headed into the piazza with Corto Maltese and a couple of his ruffian sailors heading up through one of the buildings to get a better spot to shoot at my gang who were just ambling their way towards the piazza minding their own business and enjoying the sights stopping off for a chit chat with Captain Nemo on the way.
"I wonder where I could get a seafood pizza?"

"Oh hello,Captain Nemo at your service."
                                Bill's company eventually reached the Vicolo della Morte (alley of death)whereupon he let loose with a hail of bullets towards Colin's girl's who were skulking Adamsonlike on the piazza obviously looking for tips from the ladies of ill repute who were in the vicinity.
Turkish skulking.
              Not much damage was done by the initial shooting so Bill moved his gang nearer to get up close and personal so the could get down and dirty with their knives.Typical Turks.Not that Colin's gang were shrinking violets as they were up for a scrap, hairpins and all.
No that is not Angus.

                    My gang headed over a canal bridge and immediately came under fire from Maltese's henchmen which was immediately returned by Zoe to give cover for the rest of the gang who were heading towards the developing brawl that was ensuing on the piazza.
Devious Matelots
                  From the resulting gunfire the words barndoor could be used if there were such things in Venice but I doubt it so a Venitian standoff developed between the two parties and nothing much happened damage wise between these two parties for the rest of the game.
"100 lira for a short time?""I havn't had 100 lira for a long time." 
                   Bill's gang waded into the girls in true Turkish form with knives and handbags in abundance all around with most damage and losses being taken by Colin's girls.To add insult to injury some of my company finally got to grips with Colin's girls as well and inflicted a loss on his gang.
About to enter the "Vicolo della Morte"
                Not wanting Bill to be left out my character Mal after dealing with Colin's girl headed straight for one of his Turks ready to dispatch him but after an initial blows the final whistle was blown due to the time.
"Hoy Malcom wanna party?"

Jayne asking Sydney Greenstreet the way to Rick's cafe.

Wash telling this young signorina that his wife is just behind him.
                  I thought that I had done okay but after the marker scores had been divvied up I found that all my markers were worthless and the only points I had gained were for dispatching Colin's fraulein-bummer.
Shepherd Book looking for inspiration

Where did you get that hat Jayne?
                      A great game in an unusual but fantastic setting with some excellent figures all provided by Colin who also provided all the scenery which are still a work in progress.
                        The only drawback to this game is that it has given me an interest in Venice which is a place I have never been to(groans from Lady Watson) and an excursion idea for the future.
                             See you when I see you

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